Dee Great One puts on a show

In an interview with Wayne Gretzky, The Score's Gerry Dee confidently referred to himself as “The Great One.” He quite possibly may have been right.

A sports reporter, an investigative journalist, an actor and a stand-up comedian. In between all that, Dee somehow had time to wrap up “The Next Chapter” tour at London's Grand Theatre on Sunday November 29, with a packed house howling and their sides splitting.

The first two titles loosely describe his work with the latter two being more accurate. Dee has made a name for himself over the past two years working for the sports network The Score. Hosting his own segment, Gerry Dee: Sports Reporter, the man literally torments big name athletes and celebrities. We will get back to this.

Gerry DeeCurrently putting food on the table with the sports reporter gig, the stand up comedian just finished a stint with CBC's The Hour, and has appeared on two seasons of Last Comic Standing and had a segment make it on Just For Laughs.

Nonetheless, as he covers events like the World Juniors, and interviews superstars like Michael Jordan and #99, Dee says he's just a comedian.

“I'm not a broadcaster. I'm not a sports reporter for real,” Dee confesses. “I get e-mails from people asking how to get in the business, I have no idea? I never went this route. What those real reporters do is real work and very difficult.”

Dee's job isn't brain science, but it isn't easy being a jerk to men millions idolize. How does Dee deliver?

“If I can get them laughing, then it will get me laughing, then I think the viewers will laugh,” the Canadian comic explains before admitting he doesn't mind muddling things up sometimes too. “You know, when they're a little confused, and they'll turn to somebody off camera and go, ‘Is the guy for real?'”

Dee doesn't hesitate being a handful. He believes these famous athletes have been pampered their whole lives, and thinks his character can catch them off guards sometimes.

“So when I come in I'm not going to pamper [them], because I think I'm the greatest sports reporter in the world.”

But that's all Gerry Dee the sports reporter is, just a character. And, for a man that won the 2008 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Comic, this may be the first of many characters you see from Dee.

“I created a show with Michael Volpe who produced Trailer Park Boys,” said Dee, who played Donny the prison guard who antagonized Ricky in the first TPB movie. “We created a show called Mr. Dee which is based on my teaching years and my student years.”

After years of writing, the two finally got the project off the ground, which was well liked by the CBC. With tons of hilarious material about his experience as a teacher in his live show and only one episode shot, expect to see Mr. Dee for at least one season.

But for now, you can catch Gerry Dee being an irritant, more than an interviewer, on The Score. That may not be for long though.

“I've been lucky. I'm waiting for the day when somebody might slug me out.”

And until that day, we won't refer to this Canadian comic as “The Great One,” but maybe “Dee Great One.”