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Its beginning to feel alot like NASCAR at the Speedway

Aaron Hall | Interrobang | Sports | August 29th, 2005

The intense excitement and deafening noise of a car race can only be comprehended after attending a live event.

This was apparent on August 19th at the Delaware Speedway. A series of Freight truck, Street Stock, and Cintas Late Model races took place and entertained a Delaware crowd located just outside of London.

Amy DuGas, the Director of operations at Delaware Speedway, has been involved with racing her entire life and is very passionate about the sport.

“I grew up with racing and absolutely love it,” said DuGas, whose father was a racecar driver.
DuGas also said that a Delaware Speedway race night would be a great night out for students from the London area.

“It's a very family oriented sport,” said DuGas, “but our events would still be a good environment for Fanshawe students as well.”

The evening saw heat races preceding a feature event for each car category. Reminiscent of actual National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) vehicles, the Late Model cars provide the most entertainment for fans.

Delaware Speedway also takes advantage of the fact that they are able to utilize the NASCAR name and symbol with their race promotions and are part of the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series.

“We send results of our races directly to NASCAR in hopes of our drivers being recognized more. It really helps us get more exposure and awareness as we can use the NASCAR logo.”

Keeping a close eye on all of Delaware Speedway vehicles is race director Jeff Wilcox. Wilcox will test the vehicles before and after a race to ensure they are following all mandatory weight and performance guidelines.

“We check the weights of the cars and make sure everything is on spec,” said Wilcox in the pits before the races.

“They all want to be lighter, but if they are they might not get paid and then be disqualified.”

Next up is the Great Canadian Race Weekend Labour Day weekend, which is the biggest event of the year at the Speedway.
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