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Fun with Fitness: No more excuses!

Rick Melo | Sports | August 29th, 2005

Welcome back, returning Fanshawe Students and a big warm welcome to all of you who are coming here for the first time. My name is Rick Melo and I currently work in the Fanshawe College Community Fitness Centre as a Fitness Consultant and Members Services Representative. I'm a graduate of the Fitness & Health Promotion Program offered by Fanshawe, which means I'm quite familiar with the college now and will as per usual be answering many of your questions about how to get to random buildings around campus.

Rick MeloThose of you familiar with the Fanshawe Interrobang may remember these mini fitness articles that were formerly done by Mike Pickles. Mike is a former staff member of the Fitness Centre here and is a bodybuilding enthusiast who has won several first place titles in the sport. He happens to be a very good friend of mine who is pursuing new ventures and those familiar with his past articles and accomplishments know that I have some very big shoes to fill. His efforts for promoting fitness were unparralled and I plan on continuing those efforts first off by getting you readers familiar with what the J building has to offer.

As soon as you walk into the J building, you'll notice the Fitness Centre desk, as well as Yours Truly. This is where you'll find all information regarding fitness memberships, aerobics classes, personal training, squash courts, massage therapy and gymnasium usage. As you continue down the hallway past the squash courts, you will see the Athletic Department. Athletics serves all needs regarding Varsity sports, intramurals, equipment rentals and athletic related part-time jobs offered to all students. Even further down the hallway into the brand new Student Centre Building, you will find the pharmacy as well as the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic. So if you're feeling kind of wonky (hangovers don't count) for any reason at all, be sure to check into Fowler Kennedy to see what they have to offer.

Obviously, there's much more involved with the J building and what it readily available to you. This is where you take it upon yourself to stroll through J building and see first hand what may be of interest. I'm the first person you'll see when you come in and the last person you'll see when you leave. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have since I'm familiar with many of the departments around here as well as the Fitness Centre.

Surprisingly enough, many students aren't even aware of the J building and Fitness Centre until they have to write an exam in the gymnasium at the end of the semester. Many of these students may not have the need for any fitness related activities, but it helps to know we exist for when the need arises. You can even check out our websites at and for more information. You've been officially introduced to how Fanshawe does fitness. No excuses now, you know where to find us!

Although he can't turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, Rick can answer any of your fitness questions if you email him at
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