Bangs are the new black

Bangs are making their way on to women's foreheads at an alarming pace.

I, for one, really want to try this trend but like most, I'm nervous and doubtful. So I have kindly researched the vital tips and have gathered as much information when it comes to acquiring bangs.

To start off, bangs will look good on pretty much anyone. The key to being satisfied with them is to determine the type of bang that best complements your face shape. Bangs have made their way into our vocabulary again in 2008, all thanks to Kate Moss and Suri Cruise (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's child), who recently got their hair styled in the end months of 2007.

The fashionistas of Britain have particularly embraced the bangs, as well as the frindge. Don't get me wrong, bangs have always been on people's foreheads especially last summer, when pop stars like Gwen Stefani and Nelly Furtado were sporting the blunt cut bang.

Bangs look good on both short and long hair cuts and styles, but remember people who have straight hair do have better luck with bangs. There are many types of bang styles out here to choose from, like the thick bang that is solid looking, the short mod look, the popular side bangs (angular bang), the wispy bangs and the long rockstar style bangs, also known as eye skimming bangs.

Like I said earlier, in most cases the texture and style of your hair can play a part in what kind of bangs would best suit you. Those who have hair calics in the front of their hairline may have a fewer selection of bang styles to choose from.

For the best advice on the best cut for you, is to ask your hairdresser, preferably one who knows you and your hair. Also ask your hairdresser for tips on how to maintain your bangs so you can style them yourself in the way you want. I am no hairdresser yet, but I do know that you always blow dry your bangs first. And certain bang styles need to be cut every three weeks to maintain the look. Most hair salons stop charging you just to trim your bangs, because fitting you in for three minutes bang trim won't cause any incovenience.

Do not cut bangs yourself, 86 per cent of us have at least tried to at one point in our lives (in public school years), thinking we could, but we cannot. I do not know what it is; they are hard to judge what section of the hair to cut first.

In a recent poll on, it asked, “When you feel like making a big change in your appearance, what do you do first?” About 60 per cent said to cut or colour their hair. So what are you waiting for? Getting bangs is perfect for a little change, without making a dramatic change. Plus there are some amazingly cute headbands and hair accessories out there to pin them back.
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