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Liste­n up ladies

Allison Selway | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 11th, 2008

Where did girls form this misconception that Valentines Day is all about them?

As old fashioned as you may be, it's time for a wakeup call, this day has never been and never will be all about you.

I am sick and tired of hearing girls talk about their ludicrous expectations to receive flowers, cards, chocolate and be treated anything but normal because they feel they deserve it. This day was in fact created in order for people to show one another how they feel, but in all of the history I have read in regards to this ridiculous day I have never once come across something that describes this as a day of pampering girls.

I continue to scratch my head in astonishment that girls truly believe that they should be treated like some spoiled little princess. I recently read a girl's perspective on Valentines Day, “Valentine's is a chance for men to redeem themselves. It is an opportunity to treat your lady like the treasure she is.” I don't even want to waste my column continuing with that statement.

Where the hell do you get off saying that girls deserve a day where their boyfriends kiss your ass just because you feel you're some sort of prize?

I guarantee you there are many, MANY things that have caused strain in your relationship, and it would probably take you days to redeem yourself. Yet you feel as though he is the one that needs to put in all the work.

Think again there sweetheart. Relationships work both ways, and rather than feeling as though your man needs to buy you expensive things and cherish the ground you walk on for an entire day, then maybe, just maybe you should take a minute to really think about you're own contribution to the down-falls of the relationship.

What if roles were reversed and this day was all about girls spoiling their significant others? All the feminists on this earth would be protesting that they ‘are not being treated equally' and would be up in arms about praising the ground HE walks on for an entire day, but when it's her that gets all of the attention, that's okay? That's such a double standard!

It is unfair for females to abuse this day of appreciation, which is exactly the way people should look at it.

By dictionary definition: Valentine's is a token of love to a sweetheart, friend or family member on Saint Valentine's Day. This day should not be about contributing to the brat-like nature of the girlfriend who feels she ‘deserves' to be spoiled rotten. When you look at the people you are surrounded by you should be appreciating the time and memories that have contributed to your happiness and should show loved ones that you care. Make it a mutual appreciation instead of being so damn selfish!

This Thursday, February 14 ask yourself this question: What have you done for HIM lately? Because quite frankly, you're not all that and if you believe you are then your man certainly deserves a little appreciation for putting up with your ass.
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