Five tropical spring break destinations

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Colder months can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time experiencing a Canadian winter. When it’s so cold outside, it’s very easy to restrict yourself to the indoors which can be quite isolating. Planning ahead and booking a trip to a tropical region for your spring break is a great way to spend this time. Flights will be cheaper if you book them in advance, and you’ll have enough time to save towards the trip. If you haven’t done this for this year, now is the perfect time to start planning for next year. The below highlights destinations you can visit on a budget during reading week.

One of the travel tips that I’ve learnt over the years is that travel agencies have great bundle deals if you’re really looking to cut back on cost. Most times this include flight and accommodation. Personally, I prefer an Airbnb as I’ve found affordable accommodations on there in the past and they also allow for a more local feeling as opposed to staying in an all-inclusive resort. When it comes to accommodation a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. Once you know whether you’re travelling alone, how safe the country or island is, the cost, the location, and more, then you can narrow down what accommodation best suits you.

To get your flight at a cheap rate, booking at least a few months in advance will reduce costs. Additionally, using booking tips such as not researching the flight frequently, using incognito mode when searching flights, and comparing airlines on pricing, are a few ways that I always snag an affordable ticket, especially when it comes to high season. Another tip that I recently learned includes the student travel website called StudentUniverse. This website could be another avenue on how you can book a trip at a cheap cost.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica

Throughout my time in London, I’ve heard many individuals travelling to Jamaica during their spring break. This four-hour flight (from Toronto) will transport you from snow squalls to white sands and a week of pure relaxation. All Caribbean food is extremely flavourful, and Jamaica specifically is known for their iconic jerk chicken. While I’ve never been to Jamaica before, their national dish, Ackee and Saltfish, is made regularly in my household in Barbados. I can confirm that this is a must try if you’ve never had it before. A weeklong escape from the reality of exams to a relaxing summer destination could be exactly what you need.

Cancún, Mexico

This is another popular destination that I’ve heard of many Canadians visiting during their spring break. Cancún is three hours and 55 minutes away from Toronto. When it comes to Mexico, this is one of the locations that I would choose a travel agency bundle deal. In the end, it will be cheaper because it will include flights and accommodation, and a high level of safety/security. From my research, Cancún is known for its beautiful resorts, beaches, and nightlife. Some of the travel agencies that you can research are TripAdvisor, Expedia, Kayak, Red Tag Vacations, Transat, and Travelocity.

Miami, Florida

Flying to Miami from Toronto has a flight time of three hours and 15 minutes. Miami is known as a great shopping district in the US and for their iconic spring break beach parties. This location is filled with students from all over the world during this time and is a great place to go if you have a strong partying personality. Additionally, Miami has gorgeous hotels and resorts that will make you feel like you are on a Caribbean Island.

Nassau, Bahamas

The flight time from Toronto to the Bahamas is three hours and 22 minutes. This beautiful tropical destination has activities such as swimming with pigs at “pig beach,” horseback riding in the ocean, a variety of historic museums, John Waitlings distillery, and exciting experiences to be found just exploring the island. The Bahamas has crystal clear waters and is a perfect island getaway during spring break.

Barbados, Caribbean

It wouldn’t be my article if I didn’t include my favorite Caribbean Island, Barbados. Of course, with this destination being my home country I am 100 per cent biased. Barbados is described as a dot in the middle of the ocean going off of the island chain and has a population even smaller than London. Five hours and 35 minutes away from Toronto and your spring break has instantly turned into paradise. With Barbados being the origin of rum, there are many rum distilleries to visit whilst you are there. Most importantly, the friendly locals that will greet you whilst on island will stick with you all the way back home. The lifestyle exudes the tropics! Think so many beach bars you don’t know which one to choose, and the same goes for the amazing diverse restaurants.

These five warm destinations will help you to break up the winter, even if it’s only for a week during spring break. Personally, I believe this is a great time to travel and enjoy your college years if you have the opportunity to do so. Short travel times and booking in advance to score a cheap ticket will help you attain travelling to different countries whilst still in school and can certainly create spring break memories that you will have for a lifetime.