Fuel Overwatch team battles for playoff spot

The Overwatch team has a couple more games that will decide if they make it to the playoffs.

Overwatch captain Albert Butros said that the team is currently sitting with three wins and one loss in their division. The main roster has ART3MIS, SORKED, THEDOOR, JESSICA and NINJX. Cashews is also a part of the team as a second captain. The team has been competing in the second highest division but Butros does not have much information on any other teams they are playing against and their skill level.

“We play outside of our games a lot as well as bonding by playing other games which enhance our team dynamics a lot,” Butros said.

“We definitely have a good chance of making the playoffs especially since a lot of players are now starting to improve their skills from practices,” he said.

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Butros has been playing Overwatch since the beta. He said that what inspires him to come back to play the game is the characters that Overwatch has. The graphics Overwatch has developed have much more of an animated style but the playstyle of the game also and Overwatch was one of the first games to break into Esport competitions.

“I have also played with professional Overwatch league players since I was top 500 on support for a very long time,” Butros said.

The Fuel Overwatch team still has a few regular season matches to finish in the upcoming weeks and will be striving to take a playoff spot.

Over on Fuel Valorant action, Micheal “Mink” Stastny mentioned that they have a guaranteed spot in playoffs. The Fuel team has been playing in National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and Collegiate Valorant (CVAL). The Fuel team ended the regular season with five wins and two losses.

“Our team dynamic is surprisingly solid despite us not really playing with each other beforehand,” Stastny said. “We mesh really well, our team spirit is quite high and we quickly manage to figure out how our dynamic should work versus our opponents,” he said.

There is no update on if the Fuel team has made a playoff spot for CVAL. Stastny said that they have faced teams that have given them a challenge, but no rivalries have been made. The only team who has won a match against the Fuel team has been the University of Wisconsin Stout.

“As long as we play together, I believe we can make the playoffs for CVAL as well,” Butros said.

More information as our Fuel Esport teams move into playoff action. Both Call of Duty teams have clinched a playoff spot and will start competing before the end of November. Fuel League of Legends are hoping to turn things around. Connor “Conrad” Grayley mentioned that they have not won a game yet. They recently had a bye week and Grayley said that they took that time to practice and hopefully get some wins on the board.

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