How I’m preparing for the holidays early

Take the stress out of the holidays with these simple steps.

The holidays are typically a busy season for everyone and with Christmas just a few weeks away, the Virgo in me is screaming to prepare as early as possible. If you’re a student like me and reading this article, I know you’re probably thinking that you already have a long to-do list just balancing school, life, and work. Preparing for the holidays might not be high on your priority list. But as Christmas Day approaches and the pressure of finals creeps up, shopping centres become more congested and the experience will only get more stressful. Here are my tips for avoiding stress in the lead-up to the holidays.

Create a detailed shopping list

If gift giving is a standard holiday practice in your household, making sure you have a few ideas of what you need to get will cut down time spent shopping. Although for me shopping can be the best pastime, not finding what you intended to go to a store for can always lead to frustration. Having an idea of the items you need to purchase and what stores you need to go to will allow for a smoother gift shopping experience this year. Additionally, this is a time where Black Friday deals are happening which means it’s the perfect time to secure your presents.

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Make a holiday checklist/calendar

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in preparing for the holidays and forget about other important tasks. I’m a big Google Calendar girl, which means that all my family events, travel dates, appointments, final exams, and other important events are all housed on my Google Drive. This is also great because I can extend an invite to anyone who might be participating in these events with me so that everyone is reminded. Additionally, creating a task list can also go a long way. If you’re someone who likes to check items off a list as you go, this option might be better for you.

Deep clean

Take one less thing off your list by doing a deep clean of your house or apartment before your time becomes restricted. As I’m travelling home for the holidays, making sure my apartment is clean for my return is always at the top of my list. Getting a head start during November will make the cleaning process a lot easier as the time for leaving nears. If you’re staying in town, it probably means that you will be doing some hosting during the season which means cleaning now will make it an easier touch-up task throughout the weeks of December.

Embrace the holiday spirit

Yes, the holiday season can be stressful and can add pressure to an already filled plate. However, it’s important to remember what the season is truly about. I tap into the Christmas spirit as soon as I hear “We Need a Little Christmas” by the Glee Cast running through my house. Baking cookies, lighting candles, and maybe even throwing in a cheeky Christmas film closer to the end of November, are all ways that will certainly bring on the holiday cheer to your household.

These are four practices that I believe will make my holiday season that much more enjoyable this year. Most of all, finding time to demonstrate gratitude and remind myself of the magic of the season will certainly be incorporated into the many tasks that I know will populate my list as the days get closer.

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