A FUEL team walks away from competing

An image showing the FUEL logo with the text League of Legends underneath. CREDIT: ALEX ALLAN
After already losing three games in the league, the LoL team decided that they wouldn't have any chance of making it to the playoffs and took themselves out of the race.

The FUEL League of Legends (LoL) main team has walked away from the College League of Legends (CLOL) this winter semester. The team started off with a bit rough on attendance resulting in the team holding off on playing. In their first match they lost 2-0, in their next game they did not have enough players on the squad that ended up making them have to forfeit the game, and they had the same issue within their third game as well with another forfeit. After already losing three games in the league, the team decided that they wouldn’t have any chance of making it to the playoffs and took themselves out of the race. The FUEL LoL Academy team is still moving forward with a great 2-1 win in their first match and winning their second match too. Unfortunately, the Academy team did lose in their third game but the captain and manager (SUTEKH) for FUEL LoL said this team is still fired up.

“They will likely make it to playoffs quarters with potential of making it to finals,” Sutekh said.

Over in Rainbow Six Siege action, the FUEL team were facing against the University of Windsor (UWIN). The FUEL team was able to break through the windows with their first-round win of the best of three matchup. Things got very close in the second round and went down to a 7-7 tie and within the last round FUEL was able to snag the win walking away with a 2-0 win against UWIN. Diving into some other games, FUEL finally has APEX teams. There are three teams that have been put together, the first FUEL team roster is XRustyG, Ferno, and Ddopz that are all high diamond masters. Academy roster is Tucker, Kennisis and Angelgrime that are high play low diamond. The Rising roster is DarlingHaru, Mosey and UltimateCanadian that are Low platinum high gold. As of right now they are playing in the TELUS Esports Series, but they are hoping to join more tournaments soon.

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“I think all of our teams are great and I’m especially excited to see how FUEL does,” Angelgrime said.

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) FUEL team recently announced their new roster for the 2023 Winter semester. The starting five will be NYLANDER, TYLERS, CARIO, RYAN, and their team captain OOGASPLADA They will be playing in two different leagues this season. The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and FACEIT Collegiate are the two leagues they will be in.

“This season I think we’re mainly looking at improving playing off each other and better mid-rounding but we improved our communications a lot of last season,” Oogasplada said. The team celebrated their first 2-0 win out of a best of three matchup against team Atlantic CJ. Fanshawe FUEL Valorant lost to Saint Clair Academy 2-0 in a best out of three matchups. FUEL fought well in the match up and they kept it very close in the second round, but they ended up losing 13-9 in the round.

The FUEL Call of Duty (CoD) team walked away from a huge win against McMaster Marauders 3-1 in a best out of five match-ups. McMaster is placed third in the Esports Canada power rankings. FUEL CoD is ranked 10th out of the top 10. FUEL also recently faced New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and lost 3-1 College CoD League (CCL) but after their recent match they are hoping to stay fiery red throughout this season. In FUEL Academy, they have lost all three of their games so far in combined map count of one and nine. Cameron Ayres (A1RZEE) was initially going to be on the main roster for FUEL CoD but ended up taking himself off the team. He mentioned that it wasn’t anything internally and it came down to a decision for personal reasons.

“I’d rather see a player have full time on the main roster on winning this semester,” Ayres said.

More FUEL action and news is soon to come as we start to turn up the heat throughout this semester. This week for gaming news, the newest Street Fighter Six will be released this year. The iconic head-to-head martial art fighting seems to never get old where some friendships were made or could have resulted in a brawl down outside of the game. Feel free to let us know about a classic game you love to still play and an iconic memory that you might have from it.