Fuel competes in Canadian Esports Nationals

A graphic showing the four Fuel players representing the different teams who competed in the Esports nationals CREDIT: FANSHAWE FUEL
Woody (left), Sistane (middle left), Ninja (middle right), BosFrost (right) represent the four Fanshawe Fuel teams to battle against other Canadian colleges.

From Nov. 20 to 24, Esports Canada held a national competition for all Canadian post-secondary schools. Fanshawe Fuel had a break from regular Esports competitions due to America’s Thanksgiving. Four teams from Fuel took part in competitions throughout the week.


The team had a solid start in the race against Georgian College. They were able to clinch a 2-0 win in a best-out-of-three matchup. This win advanced them to face Brock University in their next matchup. The Academy team stood their ground against Brock. Adam “Boyc3” Boyce mentioned that this was a crucial game for them to win in order to keep advancing in the competition. Fuel ended up losing 2-0 to Brock in a best-out-of-three match and made it the end of the road in Nationals.

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Call of Duty (CoD)

Back-to-back matches went underway for the Fuel CoD team while trying to manoeuvre their way on the new Call of Duty game. Game one was against Durham College where the Fuel team took a dominating 3-0 win for a bestout- of-five matchup. Since this is a new game, the team had to adjust and learn how to work together since these are all new maps to the players. Some of the game mechanics also changed from the previous game which added some complications to the other adjustments. These changes have made movements within the games a bit faster and introduced slide cancelling back too. Every player in the game has the ability to slide and the term “slide cancelling” is when a player is able to cancel their slide mid-way. There is a mix of emotions around people enjoying slide cancelling in the game. Since it is in this game, it means all players have to re-adjust for the mechanic to be back.

In game two, Fuel CoD faced Carlton University. The team was feeling hot after having successful round wins against Durham. Unfortunately, they lost 3-0 in the matchup. Team captain Jake “Bonk” Deneau mentioned that they should have taken that win against Carlton but playing on maps that they haven’t practiced much on led to their defeat.

Since they lost that match, this introduced a big battle of London matchup against Western University. Deneau mentioned that they went over some previous mistakes in their Carlton match. The Western team completely blindsided Fuel and walked away winning 3-0 It was a big upset for the Fuel team but also a big learning curve as they keep learning the new Call of Duty game.

“With our loss, we are looking forward to going into our league next semester. I hope to see everybody at try-outs,” Deneau said.

Both Overwatch and Rocket took part in the Nationals action. Sadly, the Overwatch team lost both of their first two games knocking them out of the competition early. The Fuel Rocket League team had a great run advancing into the playoffs. They did end up losing in a close match against St. Mary’s University.

“Thank you to every player, coach, team manager, caster, producer and social media manager for being involved with the Canadian Esports Nationals,” Esports Canada said in their Twitter post.

Two Fuel teams are left in regular Esports action. The Rocket League team and Valorant team will start to unwind the final few matches before this semester wraps up. Make sure to keep up with the latest on Fanshawe Fuel’s Discord and Socials.