Keeping cute when it's cold

Sage Salfi poses in Chaotic Closet wearing a fur coat. CREDIT: DEE-DEE SAMUELS
We are presented with the challenge of braving the sub-zero temperatures without sacrificing our personal style.

Combating frigid temperatures is not the only challenge we face during the long, cold, dreary winter months. We also are presented with the challenge of braving the sub-zero temperatures without sacrificing our personal style. Let’s face it; it’s more challenging than it sounds.

Sage Salfi, a fashion consultant at the vintage store Chaotic Closet on Dundas St. helped come up with a rundown of the best ways to keep your winter wardrobe warm and work for you.

Sage’s winter styling tips:

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Your coat and footwear are where you should invest some time, money and research. A stylish high-quality coat and boots that can brave the weather and maintain your unique style is what will set you apart from the crowd.

Accessories like hats, mittens/ gloves, scarves, jewellery, handbags/ backpacks, and glasses are the icing on the cake and the final touches that tie your whole look together. In this area think colour, something quirky even; especially if you are going with a clean or monochrome conservative look with the more functional pieces of your look. Think funky earmuffs, vegan leather mittens, and chunky tuques with fluffy pom-poms.

Layering: not only does it keep you warm, but it can craft a pretty fierce fashion statement. Stick to one chunky piece, mix your fabrics, either stick to a one- or two-colour outfit or go for it and wear the entire rainbow forgetting all tired colour schemes, eliminating any boundaries.

The all-round fashion trends nowadays are geared to recycling, re-purposing and re-imaging your own closet or by shopping in second-hand and vintage shops. Inspiration can be found in an old one piece 70s snowsuit, a pair of Mukluks, leg warmers, a pilot jacket or faux fur leopard print coat, even a decent price pair of 80s Gucci sunglasses. Places like these are a treasure trove of fashionable, cost efficient gems.

Meanwhile, fashion guru Tan France from Queer Eye holds a masterclass on how to dress for winter. Here are a few of Tan’s tips worth mentioning here.

Keep it tight: Tan stated that tight fitting clothing helps combat wind chill, suggesting things like swapping a wide leg pant for a skinny jean or legging.

Wear long coats: They can be both stylish and keep you warm. He mentioned to have at least one long coat or sweater in your closet during the winter months.

Avoid cotton: Cotton is a breathable material but holds a lot of water. Plaid shirts, corduroy, and sweatshirts are best for fall and spring and not for frigid winter temperatures.

A statement coat: If you only have one coat Tan mentioned having one that makes you feel good. I would add have one that is well made and fits well. (Invest in a pair of statement boots to accompany that coat as well).

Fashion may sound trivial, but it has an effect on your mood and how we feel about ourselves. So, invest some time in trying to brighten up long winter months. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in a store window, it’s a good feeling to be happy with what you see. You are worth the effort.