Dear readers,

We’re baaaack. Did you miss us?

Welcome to Volume 55 of Interrobang. This year kicks off as it always does: with our Orientation issue. Here you will find everything you need to prepare you for all that college brings. Whether you’ve got questions about COVID-19, standing out in class, or how to get involved with clubs, this issue has you covered.

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While many of us are excited about the prospect of a “normal” looking school year, there are some who may be feeling some anxiety about coming back to reality. Perhaps you got used to Zoom classes and home offices and sweatpants. Perhaps you’re feeling concerned about mask mandates lifting even as COVID cases continue to occur. Maybe it’s your first year of college and you’re experiencing all the usual fear that goes along with starting that brave endeavour.

Whatever you’re feeling is valid and you are not alone. But if you can, remember how truly lucky you are to be here, right now, experiencing college the way it was meant to be experienced: together.

In this issue, reporter Kate Otterbein explores whether student life is conducive to owning a dog, reporter Adam Mantha shares his top three tips for making a good first impression in class, and reporter Dee-Dee Samuels tells the story of how Fanshawe became the site of an episode of The Amazing Race Canada.

We hope you enjoy reading our Orientation issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. The future is scary but it’s yours for the taking, and Interrobang will be right there with you the whole way.


Hannah Theodore

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