Work opportunities for students in the summer

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If you're a student looking for a summer job this year, Fanshawe has many opportunities posted on their Student Jobsite.

The semester is coming to an end, and that means many are looking to make summer plans. If you’re returning to school in the fall, or even if you’re not, summer jobs are everywhere. Getting a summer job is something Darlene O’Neill, Fanshawe’s Director of Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services strongly encouraged.

“There are tons of benefits from working a summer job, whether it’s directly related to their program, or maybe getting a summer job through their co-op, but ultimately, summer jobs are an opportunity to gain some extra income,” said O’Neill. “There’s also that opportunity to practice and hone those future skills. Communication skills, workplace ethics and skills, critical thinking skills. We know our students are resilient, but there’s that opportunity as well.”

In the last month, Fanshawe has posted 161 summer jobs, and 133 part-time jobs.

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“There are lots of places that are posting. Any of the summer camp programs, restaurants, landscaping type, labour type jobs, and lots of jobs that are short term. I did some research on the labour market and in May 2020, just after the pandemic struck, we were at 13.2 per cent unemployment. Then we went to 7.5 per cent in March 2021. In March 2022, we were at 6.4 per cent which is really, really exciting.” For those who would prefer to work on campus, Fanshawe has some summer work study bursaries available, but O’Neill said they are not back to 100 per cent operation quite yet, as things are still ramping back up after the pandemic.

“The summer work studies are designed for students that meet the [Ontario Student Assistance Program] financial need requirements. If a student is living in residence, for example, and they’re able to work on campus up to 10 hours a week, that work study gives them more familiarization with the college environment.”

This is a great way for both domestic and international students to get to know the school. As a summer work study participant myself, I would encourage all students who are eligible to apply. I worked at Fanshawe’s 106.9 The X over the summer of my first year, and it was a great way to keep my skills up over the summer, but also learn more about my community and make close bonds with my co-workers.

When choosing whether you want to do a work study or a summer job, there are some things to consider.

“Think about what you want to accomplish in the summer. Set shortterm goals and if some of those goals have to do with gaining experience, building your resume, getting to know people, maybe even volunteering, see if employment can help you achieve those goals.”

And when it comes time to actually applying, O’Neill recommends contacting your career consultants at Fanshawe. They are experts when it comes to resumes, cover letters, interviews, and anything else you may need when applying for a job.

“If you’re nervous about interviewing, they can help you with mock interviews. They can also help you be wary and conscientious of fraudulent jobs because they’re out there as well.”

If you’re considering a summer job and are not sure where to start, you can find more information on job opportunities here: All of the jobs posted for Fanshawe are checked to ensure there are no fraudulent postings.