Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: KAREN BELL (WWW.RADIANTEMPATH.COM)
Artist and clairvoyant Karen Bell sheds some insight on the energy we may expect in 2022.

Restrictions, masks, social distancing, vaccines, and more lockdowns? The past few months have truly been a journey for all of us. Ultimately, the anxious energy felt nationwide is driven by the unstable state of the COVID-19 virus and its spread. If only there was an accredited source that would be able to provide us with some insight for this year.

How about a psychic reader?

Famously known around Fanshawe College’s campus for her pop-up psychic fairs, artist and clairvoyant Karen Bell shed some insight on the energy we may expect in 2022. Additionally, she explained her ultimate method before producing her forecasts.

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“With psychic readings, people tend to think that it’s all future predictions…. I don’t really read that way,” she explained. “One of my core beliefs is that we’re creating our future and that the future is fluid, so it isn’t like there’s fixed things that are going to happen. It’s more like your future is created by the energy that you’re putting out there right now. Mainly through your thoughts and beliefs, but also through your lifestyle, and how you take care of yourself.”

The force sensed by Bell for the month of January feels still. Although the idea of stillness during a time when progress is awaited will feel sluggish, Bell reminded everyone that it may be a spiritual lesson for us.

“The energy of January feels very stuck. Like, people want there to be more movement, and there isn’t. So, it feels stagnant and stuck. But it’s just become a spiritual level of that, that happens in everyone’s life, we’re all going to go through periods, both collectively and individually, where there’s a feeling of being stuck or stagnant where we want change and we’re not getting it.

“So, I think that it is reflective of our egos that we need to kind of control the outcome in order to generate certain feelings within us. The spiritual lesson for that is how to surrender, how to let go, how to be in the present moment, and how to not have to feel like you need to control outer circumstances in order to generate certain emotional states,” Bell added.

Bell acknowledged the desire people may have for the pandemic to end but also hoped that everyone realizes that it may be an opportunity for all of us to be able to generate our own thoughts in powerful ways, instead of relying on exterior conditions to make us feel a certain way.

“On a collective level, remember that, when there is chaos, there’s a kind of philosophy that chaos and challenges always prelude evolution or expansion,” she added.

Luckily, for July 2022, Bell foresaw an overall mood of anticipation and the end of trials.

Bell predicted, “in July, I feel that some of the things are opening again, I feel like a sense of excitement. It feels like a lot of the challenge has passed. It feels like people are at ease, a bit more than the ‘stuck’ feeling in January. I also feel a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Towards the end of 2022, she envisioned political turmoil.

“In November, the first thing that I hear is some type of political unrest or chaos. It feels like a similar feeling that we’ve felt throughout the pandemic of people being very divided. For example, with the vaccine, people were very divided and so I feel that same feeling for this specific period of time, although it’s not necessarily about vaccines but more a political division. It doesn’t feel Canadian but more so global, perhaps it could be the United States since its energy dominates globally.”

Only time will tell if Bell’s predictions ring true. Either way, 2022 is shaping up to be another exciting and possibly challenging year.