Fashion design student teams up with new flight services program

Header image for the article Fashion design student teams up with new flight services program Credit: FANSHAWE MEDIA SERVICES
Jacqueline Bradica with her scarf, alongside Jacqueline Bailey, program coordinator of the flight services program.

A student of Fanshawe’s fashion design program, Jacqueline Bradica, has won a design competition for the new flight services program.

Professor of Fashion Marketing and Management at Fanshawe, Wendy Sperry explained how the collaboration came together.

“Jacqueline [Program Coordinator for the new program, Flight Services, Jacqueline Bailey] e-mailed me and asked if our students could collaborate with a design for a scarf as part of the uniform for her new flight services program.”

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Sperry then put forth an assignment for her first-year fashion students. Her students were tasked with creating three thumbnail sketches of ideas and then selecting one of them to work with.

“They also had restraints. They had to choose three colours, which were Fanshawe’s colours of red, black and grey,” said Sperry.

Another major challenge her students faced was in producing a corporate image for the scarf.

“I think some of the designs were very creative, but they didn’t translate into that corporate look. So, I think it was challenging, like fitting into the parameters and not letting your creativity go completely wild. You really have to think about what the parameters of the project are. And then, also consider how the scarf would be folded and worn. You need to think about all of those things,” added Sperry.

Nonetheless, Sperry said she was incredibly proud of her students and thought all the submissions were extremely well done.

“I think they were very excited, and they all did a really great job! I have to say all of the design work was also really inspirational, and I think the fact that they chose one of the students was super exciting!”

All the entries were proposed to the Aviation Department and Bradica’s scarf was the winning design.

“I am extremely happy that my design was chosen. While I was designing, I remember picturing not only how the design would look flat but focused more importantly on how the colour layout would look while folded and worn as part of the uniform. I very much enjoyed the whole process!” said Bradica.

The fashion department at Fanshawe is known for collaborations with many different programs and faculties on-campus. For example, their most unique and vibrant fashion show event, Unbound, incorporates various programs to help market, plan, style, and implement the event.

“We do all kinds of collaborations, the big one for fashion designers is the Unbound, which is the big fashion show at the end of the year. They collaborate with many different programs. Like, MIA (Music Industry Arts), and theatre. There’s like 11 or 12 programs this year involved, so there is a tremendous amount of collaboration that happens in this program,” said Sperry.

Sperry said she was incredibly grateful for the collaborations other programs offer to her students.

“I think it’s always a wonderful opportunity when students can take on real life projects, and the outcome is so positive.”