What to pack when moving into Residence

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Moving away to college for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. I wish I’d known what to pack when moving into residence for the first time. I found I packed too much. Part of me wished I had a list like the ones summer camps used to give out telling us what to pack.

It’s important to pack things that will make your space feel like your own. You want to feel as comfortable as possible. For your bedroom, I suggest packing some of your favourite books, as well as DVDs of your favourite TV series and movies. There were days where I felt so homesick that I just needed comfort and having some of my favourite books and movies with me made me feel closer to home. I know there are rules when it comes to what you can put on your walls, but I recommend bringing some of your own décor as this is your living space. Putting up some posters and string lights made my place seem more like my room to me than just a dorm I’d be living in for the year.

Now when it comes to organization, I recommend bringing some storage cubes or tier drawer organizers as you do not get much in the way of shelving options. I found having storage bins or organizers made it easier for me to know where everything was, and they left me feeling a little more organized. 

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I know the transition from somewhere familiar to somewhere new can be tough, and what helped me ease into being on my own was bringing a stuffed animal for comfort. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but just having something that smelt like home made me feel more comfortable in my new place. 

For the kitchen and common areas, I would suggest packing what you think is enough. My dorm had an ensuite kitchen, but some residences have shared kitchens on certain floors. I suggest bringing a few pots and pans that you can have handy for the nights that you want to cook.

When it came to cupboard space, my roommate and I assigned each other certain cupboards, and had a common cupboard where we could store the things we were willing to share. I know when I packed, I brought a waffle maker, a coffee maker and some wine glasses as my own personal kitchen items. 

Since the common area is usually a shared space, my roommate and I discussed ahead of time what we would each bring to make the movein less hectic, making it so we both had a say in the common areas. This made it a whole lot easier, knowing that we wouldn’t be bringing doubles of everything. 

When it comes to what to pack for the washroom, I recommend a shower shelf that is easy to install, as there is not enough shelving in the shower and if you are sharing a bathroom with others it can get a little cluttered. If you do not have a bathroom ensuite, then I would recommend bringing a waterproof bag that you can easily transfer your shower essentials to and from the washroom with. 

For clothing and shoes, pack what you think is best for you, thinking of being prepared for anything. 

Moving away from your hometown for the first time or even just moving out on your own can be stressful, but just knowing what to pack can make the transition a lot smoother. These are just some of the things that I wish I knew before moving into college for the first time.