A farewell from Fanshawe's second-year collaborative nursing students

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: SALMA HUSSEIN
A final thank you and farewell to Fanshawe from the nursing class of 2023.

Fanshawe’s nursing collaborative program has nurtured wonderful nursing students who are passionate and caring as they move on to the next part of their nursing career.

It has been a rollercoaster of two years as we have experienced first-hand how inspiring our future profession is. As a member of the Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Nursing Program of 2023, I can proudly say that we are grateful and honoured to have been part of the Fanshawe community for these past two years, and as sad as we are to say goodbye, we are forever thankful for how much this institution has given us and prepared us to be the nurses we will be tomorrow.

My fellow peers in the year-two collaborative program wanted to share their appreciation and final farewells to the community that has took us in for the beginning of our nursing journey.

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Aira Guerrero: “An unforgettable experience.”

My first two years of the Collaborative Nursing program at Fanshawe have prepared me with the skills, confidence and knowledge to become a competent, caring and compassionate nurse. I was able to enhance my assessment, leadership and communication skills with standardized patients, which I can carry forward to my placement and future nursing career. The instructors have been extremely supportive, engaging and genuinely caring towards their students. I look forward to progressing in the program at Western, but I will miss the resources, mentorship and guidance from our instructors at Fanshawe. This journey has been phenomenal and an unforgettable experience.

Hillary Perron: “We started our journey here.”

My time at Fanshawe prepared me not only to further my education at Western U, but also for my future nursing career. I appreciated the time in lab with the professors and second and third-year students who deepened our understanding of the profession. With the skills I gained through Fanshawe, I feel extremely prepared to continue my studies at Western. The friends I have made here and the memories we’ve made in this school were only possible because Fanshawe brought us together. We started the journey here and because of the program, school, and professors, we can continue and move on to the next chapter of our education.

Chloe Keaney: “Gave us the chance to create a community.”

Being at Fanshawe for the past two years has been such a great experience. There were smaller class sizes, more lab opportunities, and a welcoming atmosphere. Fanshawe allowed us to get to know our professors and peers on a more personal level and gave us the chance to create a community that has enriched our learning experience. I think this has allowed us to create a strong foundation in learning and socializing that will enable us to transition smoothly onto studying at Western.

Kyla Warner: “A home away from home.”

The nursing program at Fanshawe has given me hands-on experience through the lab, working with standardized patients and placement. Despite the pandemic, the nursing professors at Fanshawe continued to teach us online and in person where possible, providing support and sharing their knowledge. I am looking forward to moving to Western and continuing the last two years of the program but will be returning back to assist in labs for second year students at Fanshawe! I have appreciated the beautiful campus, the people I’ve met, the professors, and the experiences I have had here. I am going to miss the people that have given me a home away from home.

Quinn Salt: “Lifelong friends… and wonderful memories.”

The last two years at Fanshawe has left me with more than just an education. Fanshawe College gave me the opportunity to make lifelong friends, engage with excellent professors, and make wonderful memories. Leaving Fanshawe represents an ending to one chapter in life, but also a beginning of another chapter. One at Western. Fanshawe prepared me and my peers to make the leap over to university and hopefully become the successful nurses our professors here at Fanshawe want us to be. Through all the stress of assignments, tests, and deadlines we can finally say, we’re halfway done our journey. I am grateful for choosing to go to Fanshawe, because I undoubtedly appreciate and will cherish my time here.”

Taylor Addison: “I will remember forever.”

I have really enjoyed my experience at Fanshawe these last two years. I have found that’s it’s very easy to feel comfortable at this school in a very short amount of time. I’m so thankful for all the experiences I’ve had and all the people I’ve met, who I will remember forever. My only wish would have been to have had more time here. It’s bittersweet, especially with COVID and how fast we have to move on to Western from Fanshawe. I can only hope that the memories formed at Fanshawe will continue as we enter this new transition/time in our lives as students.

Thank you to our professors, our program, and all of Fanshawe. Thank you for being our beginning and giving us the chance to be the future nurses we aim to be.

Forever grateful,

Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Nursing students of 2023.