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Interrobang | Culture | November 13th, 2020


Keep life simple these next few weeks. A friendly approach when dealing with those you live with or study alongside will ensure progress. Pay extra attention to your partner. A kind gesture or romantic evening is welcomed. Laying all your cards on the table will allow others to make suggestions that can contribute to finalizing your plans. Nothing will be for sure. Be prepared to make last-minute adjustments. Address matters that can disrupt a close relationship before you implement change to avoid wasting time.


Honesty doused with charm will keep you out of trouble. Take pride in what you do, and hold yourself accountable if something goes wrong. Integrity will buy you the freedom to do as you please. Set high goals and don’t let what others do stop you from getting the results you want. Having tunnel vision will help you stay on course. You’ll struggle to separate emotions and ego. Rethink your strategy before you take action. Make subtle changes that will make your life easier. Make plans with someone you feel akin to and share your interests.


Make changes at home that will encourage those you live with to pitch in and help. A group effort will help you accomplish your objective. You’ll get a false sense of loyalty from someone you least expect. Ask questions, pay attention to detail, and verify the information before you pass it along. You can accomplish a lot in the next month as long as you stick to a budget and adopt a moderate mentality regarding eating, drinking and temptation. Be aware of the changes others make and protect your money, possessions and keep a low profile.


Keep an open mind. Dealing with a friend or relative will be difficult if you try to control situations that compromise others. Listen to suggestions and be part of the solution, not the problem. You may want to make living improvements, but before you do, put a budget in place. Emotions will escalate regarding shared expenditures. Live within your means. Good things will transpire if you nurture a meaningful relationship. Make suggestions and share common goals with someone you love.


Share something special with someone you love these next few weeks. Personal improvements that will enhance your appearance or encourage better health should be your focus. Discuss plans that will promote less stress at home. A change that takes place will remind you what’s happened in the past. Consider how you’ve handled matters before, and you’ll come up with a sound plan that will ensure better results. Challenge yourself, and it will inspire you to rethink your lifestyle, health and prospects. You’ll face opposition if you try to make changes that affect others.


Look over essential papers and update documents before turning in your work. Touch base with someone who motivates you to tie up loose ends. Changes you make will be enlightening and open a window of opportunity that encourages you to partner with someone unique. Positive change is heading your way. You’ll have to be specific about what you want or someone will take advantage of you. Refuse to let your emotions take over or your ego cost you. Discuss plans to ensure you and those close to you are heading in the same direction.


Enthusiasm and charm will help you get your way. Share your thoughts with someone you want to spend more time with. Expect to face challenges at home as the weather cools. A schedule will be vital if you want to avoid a conflict with someone close to you. If you want something, expect to give something in return. Moderation will be essential. Someone’s behaviour will leave you feeling disappointed. A change to how you handle financial matters will set a standard regarding how well off you are moving forward. Do what’s best for you.


Sort out your thoughts before sharing your plans. Getting a better sense of what’s right for you will help you put whatever situation you face in perspective. Call on people you have collaborated with successfully and you will get a positive response from someone who has something valuable to contribute. The information you gather will change the way you move forward. Don’t share too much information about you or your family. Remain a mystery for the time being. Live life your way on the. A chance to do something unusual will broaden your horizons and initiate new beginnings.


Practice what you preach and you will gain respect and support. Personal changes will influence how you feel, how you present and market your skills and attributes. Confusion will set in if you don’t verify the information you receive. Someone will use emotional manipulation to pressure you to get involved in something that is compromising. Keep busy, do your own thing and be the best you can be. Self-improvement projects will lift your spirits and boost your confidence. Discuss your plans with someone who always offers you sound advice and it will help you make a personal decision.


Plan to do some energetic activities these next few weeks. The less time you have to ponder over unsettled matters, the better. If you work yourself into a frenzy, you will make poor decisions. Set up a budget that is feasible to alleviate approaching holiday stress. A change at home looks promising. Problems with friends or relatives will crop up if you are too vocal about your intentions or beliefs. You can make adjustments that will send you down an exciting path. Be open to change. Use your knowledge, experience and skills to help you reach your destination.


Leave nothing to chance. Set a budget and a goal that will enable you to follow through with your plans. Romance is in the stars. You will feel better knowing that you are free to move forward with your plans. Take care of your needs. Fitness, health and physical improvements will make you feel good about who you are, how you look and what you have to offer. Don’t fold under pressure. If you don’t like what someone asks you to do, do your own thing.


Focus on what’s important to you, and look for a unique way to make your dream come true. Refuse to let your emotions interfere with your intelligence or productivity. You’ll come up with an excellent plan that can help you change your current financial situation. A chance to use your skills looks promising. A partnership will face uncertainty if you aren’t explicit regarding your intentions and plans. It’s best to find out where you stand before you make a move. A new friendship will bring high returns.
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