London's trans healthcare resources and LGBTQ2+ support groups

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Trans healthcare resources still have a long way to go, but London is doing a great job of providing resources for those who need it. The main issue regarding trans healthcare in London is availability, long waitlists and lack of specialized doctors. According to the London InterCommunity Health Centre (LIHC) website, intake appointments for trans health services are being booked up to 150 days in advance.

These appointments are not simple checkups. They are vital meetings for trans individuals to begin or continue the treatments they need. A lot of the time these appointments will lead to an individual finding a specialized doctor or surgeon as well.

There are way more mental health care resources than medical; in fact, only the LIHC offers in-house trans health care. The lack of medical resources is truly crushing, but the support groups are here to help in any way that they can.

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The LIHC provides health and social services to those who experience barriers to care in life. A large margin of those people are the trans community in London. The LIHC offers mental health services to those experiencing gender dysphoria and other concerns. The LIHC also offers hormone therapy, hormone therapy monitoring and hormone therapy health concerns. Another great aspect of this health centre is that they will connect people with outside support groups.

The following list will overview additional mental health support groups as well as general support groups that London has to offer the LGBTQ2+ community:


A social and networking group that meets on the first Monday of the month at Coffee Culture Café on 260 Dundas St., Comprised of friends, family, and those in need; Trans*London is a wonderful resource to begin with. Search TRANS* London (Ontario, Canada) on Facebook to find their group page. Meeting times may vary due to COVID-19.



An online support group of experts and community veterans across Ontario committed to anti-racism, anti-oppression values through community-based, equity-based social work. The RHN facilitates the health and wellness of those under the LGBTQ2+ umbrella.



A truly amazing organization dedicated to the betterment of LGBTQ2+ health. Not only providing support for communities, RHO creates services to help individuals. A pioneer of trans health care, RHO is dedicated to training medical professionals in trans health care practices.



A very casual-open discussion for LGBTQ2+ individuals over the age of 19 to discuss everything about being a member of the community. This is a great place for those who are just starting out on their journey to those who are proudly out and about. Coming Out Over Coffee is facilitated by Family Service Thames Valley, and held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Meeting times may vary due to COVID-19.



This organization offers support and education to parents, families, friends, and colleagues who are struggling with another’s identity/orientation. Take time for your mental health and check-in to one of these resources; all of them are free.