London Police help protect students during reading week

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: HANNAH THEODORE
London Police have partnered with Fanshawe to protect students during reading week.

On Feb. 5, Cst. Catherine Fountain visited Fanshawe College, along with auxiliary officer Barbara Jovanovic, to teach students about campus security.

Over reading week, many students may be planning to take vacation or visit their families outside of London. Fountain said that burglars know that many student apartments may be vacant through reading week, and that breaking-and-entering cases are particularly prevalent during this time.

In order to protect students from these types of crimes, the London Police have partnered with Fanshawe College to offer tips to students on personal security.

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“Make sure your residence is secured,” said Fountain. “If you’re able to, take expensive things home with you. Turn your location services on for things that are being left, like laptops.”

She said recording serial numbers and model numbers for expensive items can also help locate them in case they are stolen.

“Make sure there’s lights on timers,” she added. “Have someone that you trust like a neighbour or hire someone to shovel, if need be, or collect mail. Make sure your home looks lived in.”

She also reminded students not to post their vacation photos on social media, as this may signal that their apartments are empty.

While at Fanshawe, Jovanovic handed out pamphlets to students with tips on how to protect their apartments during reading week. Fountain said that projects like this would not be possible without the auxiliary officers, all of whom are volunteers.

“It’s a privilege to work with them. How much better does it get than people who volunteer their time?”

Auxiliary officers like Jovanovic will also go door-to-door through student neighbourhoods to share tips with students over the next week.