The right FIT for the job

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Your commitment to your workout routine can pay off in your job interview.

It’s a rough competition out there when everyone who is graduating at the same time is going for the same job. What can set you apart and what does this fitness article have to do with it? I want to come at you with to main points that I hope will bring you out on top.

Fitness has a lot to do with getting a great job or career. If you regularly follow a fitness routine, it shows discipline, determination, motivation, care and attention. You can tell your interviewer that you manage your time well and are able to get in a workout X amount of times each week and that you have also improved your productivity at the gym by learning the best routines that are an efficient use of your time.

When you exercise regularly and with proper form, you tend to stand or sit taller, have a strong grip and fidget less. All of these attributes can show your interviewer that you are poised, confident and powerful. Yes, we all come in different shapes and sizes, but if you can show how strong and attentive you are just when you are siting across from the interviewer, you will appear more appealing to them.

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Working out regularly can also have positive effects on your stress, anxiety, energy, and stamina. This will help you to feel relaxed before, during and after the interview. You could even try reviewing interview questions while you workout and then reflect on them while your stretch and or meditate at the end to help visualize a positive experience.

Now that I’ve shared a few ways fitness can help you land the job, I’d like to give you a few extra tips based on my many years of experience interviewing potential candidates. I think because many of the candidates we interview are applying for fitness related positions, or because they might know us already as a member of the fitness centre, they believe they don’t have to step it up. This is WRONG!

I think you should always arrive five to 10 minutes early. Any earlier and it can sometimes make the interviewer feel rushed. If there is time, you could ask if you can take a self guided tour or if there is anything you should read before.

Always shake your interviewers hand at the beginning and end. Make sure to dress to impress as well. We often have candidates come to an interview right after working out and stink like sweaty socks. This is a hands down no for me. Sit up tall in your chair and do not fidget.

Bring a copy of your resume, references, and schedule of availability for your interviewer to have so they don’t have to sift through email to find this. You can also email it to them or ask if they prefer this.

Make sure you have gone to the company website and or asked some of the employees questions so that you know something about the company. Have this part memorized. You could also memorize a list of potential questions, but I think there is nothing wrong with bringing the list with you. It shows your care and were prepared.

Listen to and answer every part of the question and ask questions to clarify. Relax and keep it conversational by sharing stories, but keep it professional. Smile and laugh where appropriate. Look your interviewer in the eye often.

Lastly, thank your interviewer for the opportunity and ask when you can expect to hear back. You can even say “Good Luck with the interview process” and be on your way.

If you need help with building your strength, confidence, stamina and even your interview skills, come and see us in the Student Wellness Centre or sign up on our App for and orientation.

Karen Nixon-Carroll is the Program Manager at the Student Wellness Centre.