10 ways to recover from midterms

Header image for the article 10 ways to recover from midterms Credit: LAM LE
You deserve a treat or two after surviving midterms.

They were rough. They shaved off a few pieces of our soul and sucked a few years of life from our bank account. The good news is they’re over now. You can look back at the awful days of last-minute studying and reduced sleep with a bitter smile.

Nonetheless, I know some of you, like myself, tend to stress regardless. So, here are 10 ways to recover from the storm we just conquered and get back on that ship to success.

1. Masks and snacks. I know; typical, but it works. I always feel a bit better about myself when I take care of myself. And self-care starts with Korean masks and [insert preferred snack here]. Take a little time to smear that rejuvenating mud on your face and munch on those chips because you deserve it.

2. Netflix and chill, but not the “chill” you’re thinking of. I was waiting for the midterms to end so I can finally start the show I was saving. Jokes, I started it anyway. But now I can watch it without guilt, and that’s always good. And the best way to de-stress as you’re watching your well-deserved show is ice cream. That’s the best chill you can get. So, watch that show and lick that ice cream, because you were deprived of feeling safe Netflixing during your time in hell.

3. Sweets and treats. Nothing is better than the Holy Grail we know as sugar, the only thing that every human is addicted to. A good sugar rush from my favorite sweets is the best remedy for all ails. Grab a chocolate bar or take some time to bake your favourite cake and enjoy every sweet bite.

4. Fetch your yoga mat. I’m the best at being a couch potato. Never dabbled in the activities people like to call exercise. You are more likely to get bitten by a shark twice, in the same place, than spot me at the gym. Real statistic. But alas, some people enjoy exerting effort that doesn’t have a destination point set to the fridge.

According to a Western-Fanshawe nursing student, Paiton Vanneste, yoga soothes the soul and greets you with feel-good vibes. So, grab your mats and sign up for a yoga class available at the Fanshawe gym. You know what, I might even try it, so long as I get a cookie at the end for my efforts.

5. Night out with the gang. Leave the nights of locked-in studying and grab your friends, snatch your roommates and maybe even snag a stranger you’ve been wanting to talk to. Now’s your chance to take a night out and socialize with your buddies at your favorite spots in the city.

6. Karaoke night. There’s no need for great singing when you and your friends go out for a good karaoke night. Sing your anger and woes away to express your bottled stress from midterms. Bad, mediocre, passable, tolerable and tonedeaf singers are all welcome to some screeching fun!

7. Makeover time. Whether this was your first midterm or your hundredth, each time you tick one off the daunting list, you realize how much you’ve neglected yourself. Your hair is extra shiny from that beautiful greasy sheen you developed from not washing it, and if you can’t remember the last time you showered, then we probably do, and it wasn’t recent. Take that shower, and condition that hair, maybe even visit the salon for a new hair cut to mark this new start.

8. Gaming isn’t just for “geeks”. Have you downloaded the new Mario Kart Tour on your phone yet? On the bus, down the halls, during class, and in the washroom stall, Mario’s iconic “wah-ha’s” and “yahoo’s” have been the only sounds I can hear since the release of the game. Hardcore gamers and newbies can enjoy the fun anywhere, at any time, to take their minds off from midterm results.

9. Shop 'til you drop. Ladies and gentlemen, crack open your wallets and get ready to splurge. Retail therapy is the only therapy I can do for hours on end without complaining. Buy that hoodie because sweater weather is here. Have an eye on a pair of shoes? Well now’s the time to treat yourself to an earned reward. Take your friends or roommates on a late-night adventure to the local grocery store to restock on ramen. Yes, that’s what I’m doing tonight if you were wondering.

10. Catch some Z’s. ‘Sleep? Sorry, I don’t know what that is.’ Well now’s the time to reestablish your relationship with the one thing everyone truly misses – good naps. Long ones, short ones, stolen ones, and guilty ones, every type of nap was better than no sleep at all.