Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope


Look over your OSAP records to make sure you understand your agreement. Don’t underestimate someone who can influence or alter your lifestyle. Friendships need to be taken care of properly if you don’t want them to break down. Use your imagination, and you’ll come up with a plan that will encourage others to respect you and the choices you make. Refuse to let anyone take care of your responsibilities or your personal affairs.


Be careful how you handle others. If you are inconsistent, conflicting statements will be questioned, leaving you to come up with sufficient answers. Traveling home is in the cards for the weekend. Sharing your point of view without committing to something that could quickly go over budget will keep you in a safety zone when it comes to money. Precision, detail and honesty will reflect your dedication.


Your charm will attract plenty of attention. Choose words wisely and be sure to stick to the truth. If you mislead someone, it could end up costing you. Roommate issues should be dealt with carefully, and accepting the inevitable will bring you one step closer to new beginnings. Negotiate on your behalf, and take what’s rightfully yours. Get information before you share your opinion.


Settle emotional issues thoughtfully. Making a fuss will not bring the results you want. Kindness and compromise will encourage better relationships with the people you deal with daily and care about most. Share your ideas, listen to the advice provided and you will accomplish the most. Someone may try to take advantage of you if you are gullible or if you agree to something before you go over the ins and outs of the offer made.


Spend ample time nurturing what matters most to you. Accommodate family as best you can will lead to a happier and more inviting home life. If someone tries to disrupt your plans, you will have to fight back with intelligence, wisdom and the ability to know when to walk away. Be open, reflective and willing to compromise. An offer presented to you will have plenty of misconception and risk factors involved.


Take care of responsibilities at home before someone complains. Efficiency will protect you from anyone trying to take over or interfere with your plans. Maintain moderation and keep your ideas simple to avoid toxic situations. An adjustment will allow you to implement a change you want to put into play. Use your time wisely, and raise your standards as well as your initiatives.


Don’t make a fuss. Secrecy is your best asset when faced with individuals who spread rumours. Praise others, and you will take the focus off you and what you are doing. Rely on the knowledge and experience you acquired growing up to help you make better decisions now. Learn from mistakes, and you will treat similar situations you face as an adult with clarity and sound judgment. Sticking to what’s doable and affordable will encourage success.


An open mind will be required if you want to take advantage of information pertinent to something that concerns you. Listen attentively, and respond cautiously. Follow your gut when dealing with peers, friends or relatives. Own your opinion wholeheartedly, but be tolerant of those who don’t share your point of view. Being willing to work toward a common goal will be the best way to move forward. If you don’t agree, say so.


Trust issues will arise this week if you or someone you are talking with offers an exaggerated point of view or adaptation of what someone else did. Avoid getting tangled up in someone else’s drama. Be secretive about your plans and you will deter someone from meddling in your affairs. Walk away from indulgent people and situations that could cost you emotionally or physically. Dreams can spark your imagination and prompt you to start something new.


Put your house in order, have a strategy in place, and stick to your plan. Hard work will pay off, and the rewards will encourage changes at home as well as to meaningful relationships. An exciting and unexpected development will take place. Look at your options and consider what ties in best to what you already have up and running. Mixing the old with the new will prove to be the art of the deal.


Go over personal papers carefully and something will stand out that needs to be adjusted. Don’t leave anything to chance or to someone who isn’t capable or trustworthy. Learn through observation and asking questions. Go directly to the source if you have doubts. Be prepared to walk away from anyone or anything that appears dubious. Focus on expanding your knowledge, skills and ability to bring in more cash.


Don’t give in to temptation. Someone will bait you into an argument that can put you in a vulnerable position. Offer as little personal information as possible. It’s best to listen more and talk less. Set up a guideline, and follow it carefully. You have plenty to gain if you play by the rules and you stick to your plan until you have completed your mission.
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