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There are countless hidden gems throughout London, from amazing restaurants to scenic trails that make you forget you’re in the city. Because the area is constantly growing, there is sure to be even more interesting and unique spots popping up throughout the year. In the meantime, Interrobang has compiled a list of a few long-established hidden gems.

King of the Pigs

Cherryhill Mall, 301 Oxford St., or 706 Hamilton Rd.

King of the Pigs (Rei dos Leitôes) is a local Portuguese restaurant with two locations in London. The authentic Portuguese food makes you feel as though you just left the country. As the name suggests, their pulled pork is some of the best you’ll find in the city. You can also try their delicious Portuguese-style rotisserie chicken.


236 Dundas St.

Located in the heart of downtown, Grooves Records is considered to be one of the best places around to shop for music. The store offers a wide range of concert tickets and reasonably priced vinyls and CDs. The store offers a combination of new and used products, and you can stop by to see local artists perform live on select days. The wide range in music is sure to have something for everyone.

Black Walnut

134 Wortley Rd., or 724 Richmond St.

Black Walnut has one of the best atmospheres of any café in London. There are two locations, one on Richmond Row, and the other in Wortley Village. Although the Richmond Row location is enjoyable, the location in Wortley is unlike anything else in the city. The café offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, baked goods and other delicious foods. Wortley Village alone is hidden gem, but there is no denying that the Black Walnut adds to its uniqueness.

Campus Hi-Fi

736 Richmond St.

Yet another gem on Richmond Row, Campus Hi Fi is a retro diner best known for their amazing breakfasts. The food is hands down the best brunch in London with large portion sizes and reasonable prices. Established in 1957, it feels like you’re dining in a time capsule. Arrive early on the weekends; the location is small and can get packed, especially by students.

Sifton Bog

1210 Oxford St W.

Hidden in west London, Sifton Bog is a scenic and peaceful location to sit and observe some local wildlife. The bog is surrounded by a small forest with a wooden trail that leads you to the upper Thames River. Although a short walk, the area is very relaxing and makes you feel like you’re out of the city. Visitors are encouraged to not disturb the wildlife, follow the boardwalk and are asked to not touch the water.