Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope


Curb your excesses before they become a problem. Instead of finding fault with others, examine your own reactions. This is one of the best times possible for resuming that greatest unfinished work — yourself.


Positive thinking begins here. Home is the seat of Taurus’s powers, no matter where the weeks adventures take you. Be the fire under the sleepy backsides of the slow starters. Lead the way.


As much as you liked the holidays, you couldn’t wait for this one to be over. Everyone else is talking about a new beginning, and Gemini has already moved on. Business and pleasure are an agreeable mix for now.


Greet the world with open arms. The usual lines between self, family and community are almost invisible. When your appetite is satisfied, it’s as though hunger never existed.


You’re sensitive to criticism, but alive with hope. The Moon mutes your usual pride to something that resembles humility. All are equal as they stand facing the great unknown that the new year brings.


Embrace a circle of supportive people. As the conversation develops, Virgo is likely to find that they are an expert on the subject. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts or big sisters all seem to know best these days.


Accept someone’s word even if their actions tell another story. Protect yourself as inoffensively as possible. Others may be on the right track or making a huge mistake, but there’s nothing that Libra can do about it.


This summer is already starting to look like a winner for Scorpio’s. The Moon puts a rosy glow on your ambitions. You’d be surprised if every week was this positive and satisfying, but for now it’s okay to pretend.


Don’t choose the first person or thing that seems vaguely interesting. Explore all the possibilities. Your mood determines the range of what you can handle, and moods change like the shapes of clouds in the sky.


You can hesitate without doing any damage, but that will just leave you further behind. Resist the overtures of a Libra — they will only drive you crazy. Used right, this could be a most creative moment.


If possible, be a guest instead of a host. Your mixedup inner state finds you inattentive to the needs and wishes of others. Drink lots of water, eat lightly and be as polite and charming as the situation allows.


As a Water Sign, you deserve special attention from the warm, personable Moon. Spend time with loved ones in a natural setting. If the party follows you outside, so much the better.