Five ways to understand and celebrate the diversity around you

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There are many ways to understand and celebrate the cultural diversity around you. Here are five simple ways to help you become more culturally aware.

Observing and understanding cultural differences is a great way to become more connected in the Fanshawe and London communities. At Fanshawe, we are very fortunate to celebrate students of many cultural backgrounds.

There are many ways to understand and celebrate the cultural diversity around you. Here are five simple ways to help you become more culturally aware:

Check out local festivals and cultural events

Fanshawe offers many cultural events throughout the term, including several run by the Fanshawe Student Union. These events can be a great way to connect with students of differing cultural backgrounds, and to learn more about the diversity that exists within our own walls. On a larger scale, movie nights, dances, galas, festivals, and events abound in London every year. Pride London and the International Food & Craft Beer Festival are major annual events that take place every summer. Many Black History Month events are taking place in the coming weeks and can be found on the London Tourism website.

Research & educate yourself

A little bit of research can go a long way. Educate yourself about cultural norms, communications, and beliefs using easy-to-access resources. Check out an alternative press source online to read up on different traditions and beliefs. Podcasts are a great way to learn more and are easy to listen to while on the go. A great one to start with is the TEDTalks Society & Culture podcast. Netflix is home to many cultural documentaries, and a ton can be found for free on YouTube.

Scope out a new restaurant

Trying new foods London is home to an astounding number of locally owned restaurants serving international cuisine. From Japanese to Greek, and Thai to Mexican, there are endless options to try. Check out TripAdvisor to see price ranges, reviews, and locations of the top choices in London.

Join friends of different backgrounds in some of their own traditions

This is a very easy, social, and fun way to become more aware of other cultures and traditions. Plan to celebrate cultural holidays with friends of different backgrounds than that of your own. Make plans to learn how to cook cultural foods, or arrange a potluck to share different plates from around the world.

Attend cultural and educational institutions

Observation can be one of the best ways to become more culturally aware. Many religious institutions offer ‘open doors' — that is, everyone is welcome regardless of religious background. London is home to a Hindu Cultural Centre, Buddhist Temples, a Mosque, Synagogues, Churches, and many other religious institutions. Many of these institutions offer social events to encourage a sense of community and understanding. Museum London offers an array of educational events centred around cultural awareness and inclusivity.