Residence on First changes name

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Despite its new branding, Foundry First still uses the #49Steps from Fanshawe hashtag.

Residence on First has rebranded to Foundry First under new ownership by WCPT First Street Inc.

The building, located on First Street directly across from Fanshawe’s south-side entrance on Oxford Street, is the only luxury student housing facility solely serving Fanshawe students.

The building’s management team gave out cake and prizes to guests while celebrating its new brand name during a launch party on Nov. 30 in the main floor lounge.

Brianna Sadler, assistant general manager of the building, said the new branding would have minimal impact on current and future residents.

“Students have already seen the biggest changes, which is changing the name on post-dated cheques,” Sadler said. “Other than that, the same staff team is still here, the same management team and everyone here, our office hours aren't changing, so [general manager] Jacqueline [Hale] or myself, the resident liaisons, and our resident service reps will still be here.”

Sadler added that the change in ownership would not affect rent, either.

“Our rent will continue to increase the way that rent anywhere would increase, but the Foundry brand itself doesn't necessarily come with any through the roof prices,” she said.

Residence on First initially opened to students in 2015. The building is not associated with the College.

The facility offers amenities and four different floor plans, each featuring a set number of bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

The website for the original brand describes the building as designed to “help Fanshawe College students succeed while providing a comfortable space to live and socialize.”

Under its new name, the building is now part of the Foundry ownership brand, which specializes in the student housing experience.

Other Foundry buildings are located in Barrie, Oshawa, St. Catharines and Kingston.

Fanshawe interior decorating student, MacKenzie Law, was at the brand’s launch party.

“It’s a lot better than [on-campus residence] because it’s more updated and you get a full kitchen,” she said of living in the building. “I have friends that do live in residence and they envy me. There are less rules here. It’s fun.”

Sadler said that the company has a program developed to help residents work out roommate conflicts, as well as hiring student staff members to help run events.

She said that although the building is not affiliated with the College, she still offers referrals to campus services.

“We have a greater level of support here than what you'd find in any other kind of apartment building or from a landlord,” she said.

General manager of the building, Jacqueline Hale agreed, saying that the building staff’s mission, before and after the new branding, is to provide a strong support network for students who live off-campus.

“What we're looking to do is create a community where everyone wants to live,” Hale said. “The idea behind it is that each floor knows each other, and we're looking to build a brand where people want to live in a Foundry building, in order to be a part of kind of like a club. We'll be doing lots of events to bring people together within their rooms that don't know each other as well throughout the building.”

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