Canadian agency first to win Google award

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: PROVIDED BY ARCANE
London-based digital marketing agency, Arcane, is the first Canadian company to win a Google Premier Partner award.

Arcane, a London-based digital marketing agency, is now the first Canadian agency to win a Premier Partner award from Google.

The agency received Google's Search Innovation Award for its work with Ivey Business School.

The Premier Partner awards recognise agencies and professionals across the world using Google's produces in their marketing. Finalists were placed in this category for their expertise in Google's search advertisements.

“This is a huge achievement,” CEO Lindsay Schneider said in a press release for the award. “Our partnership with Ivey has led to massive success for both parties. We've always strived to put innovation at the forefront of our advertising efforts, so it's an honour to be recognized by Google for this.”

According to president and co-founder Eric Vardon, the award affirms Canada's growth of the IT marketing sector, and places the country on a global podium.

“An award like this means a lot for us as a Canadian firm,” Vardon told Interrobang. “It's a big deal for us amongst our industry peers.”

Over the years, Arcane has been recognized as one of the fastest- growing technology companies in Canada, most recently winning the Branaham300 Top 250 list, among others. It has offices in London, Toronto and Calgary.

The company often recruits Fanshawe interns and graduates.

“[The award] should mean a lot for graduates coming out to know that you don't have to go too far from home or too far from school to be able to work on leading edge global marketing initiatives.”

Vardon, also a Fanshawe graduate, said that the key to success in the industry is to approach problems with an open and creative mind.

“I think for any of the graduates, the more you challenge yourself, and the more you challenge the opportunity by looking at other ways of identifying solutions, then you're going to be successful,” Vardon said. “Successful in the business, and successful in your career.”