Sexting Etiqutte: The five rules to follow if you're going to "sext" that special someone

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Sexting is something that has only become more common as technology progresses. Plenty of studies show that sexting is actually a good thing. According to a study done by Drexel University, Department of Psychology, “Sexting and Relationship Satisfaction: The Couples Satisfaction Index scores were regressed on scores of sexting behaviour with current partner, gender, relationship commitment, a sexting behaviour to gender interaction variable, and a sexting behaviour-commitment interaction variable simultaneously. Results revealed a significant interaction of sexting behaviour and relationship commitment on relationship satisfaction.” Although sexting is healthy and can be fun, there are still some very important rules that must be followed in order to reduce the risks that comes along with it.

1) Never send unsolicited nudes

Just like how you ask for consent to touch someone or do anything intimate with a partner, you have to ask them same when it comes to sexting. It's vital to know if what you want to send is wanted back. Communication is the key to this. No one wants to feel violated by seeing something provocative that they didn't want to see. Long story short, it's only fun when it's consensual.

2) Use an app like Snapchat

Texting or using apps like Facebook Messenger can be risky to use since once you have sent the picture, there is an easy way to identify you (via screenshots of the conversation). The photo and texts can be saved without your knowledge which could come back one day and hurt you. However, apps like snapchat where the photos can have a time limit and messages go away after a while is useful. Also, Snapchat sends notifications when someone decides to screenshot a photo or your private conversation.

3) Never show your face

This may seem pretty obvious but it never hurts to have an extra reminder. There are so many ways to avoid being recognized in lewd photos. Simply crop out your face (and try to hide anything else recognizable such as tattoos or something in the background). Also on apps like snapchat you can use the pen tool to colour out your features.

4) Trust the Person

Whether you are in a committed relationship or not, you should know and trust the person (or people) whom you choose to sext with. It's probably best to sext with someone whom you have been intimate with before, since you would already be familiar with each other. That being said it is not a requirement. The key is to know whether this person is trustworthy enough to not share what they shouldn't.

5) Don't be pushy

Lastly if someone doesn't want to continue or is uncomfortable with what is going on, stop. Don't try to keep going, it only makes things more uncomfortable than they need to be. Understanding boundaries and not crossing them makes sexting fun and safer for all participants.