Fanshawe opens first Starbucks on campus

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: JORDAN CROW
Fanshawe Starbucks lovers can rejoice as the popular coffee shop opens on campus this school year in the H cafeteria.

Fanshawe College will be adding Starbucks to one of now three options for students to get their sometimes much needed, dose of caffeine.

Located in the H cafeteria, the new Starbucks will be open for students as they head back to class.

Fanshawe’s senior manager of retail services, Dave Smith had positives to share of the opening of this popular coffee shop on campus.

“We’re excited to be able to offer the students Starbucks. It’s one of the fastest growing concepts on college campuses and we did our homework and we talked to our affiliation with universities and colleges, they all agreed that you should have a Starbucks on campus. So it wasn’t just the students. It’s been tested, tried and true,” Smith said.

Students from the previous school year may remember a much smaller Starbucks in the same location.

Last year, the express Starbucks was introduced however, this Starbucks will be a more conventional sit-down style Starbucks.

Smith added there will be a difference of what last year’s Starbucks was like, compared to this new shop.

“The express Starbucks just had a small amount of the offerings. The [new] Starbucks will have everything. It’ll be able to make all those lattes and teas and things like that,” Smith said.

According to Smith, students have been asking for a Starbucks on campus for a while and the project has been five years in the making.

“We did a student survey a few years ago and asked students what they’d like to see on campus and it came back overwhelmingly that Starbucks was their number one choice. So we listened to what the students had to say and now it’s come to fruition through our contract with Chartwells Food Services,” Smith said.

Smith said he believes that Starbucks will offer students a different experience compared to what Tim Hortons and Oasis have to offer.

“It’s a much different experience, than Tim Hortons. Starbucks is more sit-down. It’s a different brand altogether and we have had three Tim Hortons on campus and we didn’t think another Tim’s would add variety to our mix and food service and it’s proven not only by us, that Starbucks is very popular with this demographic,” Smith said.