Five tips to help you survive finals

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Finals are almost here. There is no doubt that this is a very stressful time for many, however, the best way to reduce your stress is to prepare yourself as much as you can for your finals. So having some of these tips in mind may just help you achieve the grade you want and make you feel more confident for your exams.

Colour code your notes: Using coloured pens, highlighters or pencils can be a great way to help you study. This can help you organize your notes and remember information. Some of the sub topics you can colour code are: definitions, quotes, formulas and key points.

Ten, ten and four: To memorize information that just isn't sinking in at all not matter how hard you try, this tip is a life saver. How it works is you read the material ten times over, then you read it out loud ten times and lastly you write it out four times. Side note: this tip is best for smaller chunks of information.

Take short but frequent breaks: Many people tend to get bored while studying. A way to help stay on track and to focus more is to have planned breaks. For example every 30 minutes of studying you take a five to 10 minute break. This way you can study in short bursts but have opportunities to do a bit of something that you enjoy.

Take care of yourself: It is so important that you are eating and sleeping properly. Eating healthy and balanced meals will help you. You need your sleep to be able to focus. Bonus: Working out and meditating can help reduce your stress.

Join a study group: Forming a study group with fellow classmates is a great way to review course material. During group study sessions, your classmates can quiz you on review material, share notes and also help answer any outstanding questions you may have regarding your final exam. Overall, a study group is a great way to socialize with classmates during this stressful timeframe and also help each other in reaching the grades you hope to achieve.