Nintendo Labo: An innovative DIY carboard marvel

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Nintendo Labo is a cardboard marvel, mixing augment reality with build it yourself cardboard toys. Discover more with Nintendo Labo's creative gaming kits.

Nintendo recently announced their newest equipment to enhancing play with Nintendo's newest Switch console. Meet Nintendo Labo, every cardboard building project from your childhood brought to a new technological extreme.

Nintendo Labo's slogan is “Make, Play, Discover,” and there seems to be much to discover in these kits of fun.

Nintendo is venturing into an innovative DIY territory with the company's latest adventure. Nintendo Labo features augmented reality through the Switch with the use of build it yourself cardboard toys that can be decorated in any way shape or form.

Made from cardboard, Nintendo Labo is shown to be able to actually play as a piano, fishing rod, motorbike and much more by inserting the Switch console and Joy-Con controllers into the items you build from the kits. There is even a kit that allows you to become a robot and interact with the software in a suit of cardboard armor. Best of all you will never get lost in building the items with the detailed stepsby-step instructions, which show you seamlessly how to put the items together without getting lost and confused.

It is also being said that, any pieces not being used will be able to be reused as replacements for damaged parts, or if not damaged that much, can be glued or taped back together with no hindrance to gameplay whatsoever. As well, you will also be able to discover new ways to use the leftovers to design and build your own Joy-Con creations.

And come on, cardboard with technology? Who would have thought gaming would be so recyclable?

Now this may seem a little kidlike for older gamers to get behind, but it may become a therapeutic gaming experience for those older, kind of like the adult coloring books that have become so popular. There is the added benefit of learning a few things of engineering that you may not have thought of or seen before. Besides, who said adults can't have the same fun as kids?

The price could be better, though. Innovative and creative it may be, but a $69.99 price tag doesn't make it all exciting when you know what you are buying is just some cardboard, grommets and string.

Ninetendo Labo hits store shelves in America on April 20 2018, so try giving this cardboard technological marvel a play, you may be surprised by how much fun you may have with it.