Tapas: A place to read or publish

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Are you an inspiring artist or author looking for someplace to show off your work? Are you finding social media is lacking in a literary fanbase for your genius creation? Do you want people to recognize your work as officially published online? Or are you just looking for a new read, but can't find anything interesting by searching the web aimlessly?

This is where Tapas comes into play. Tapas offers all that you want. With a great community of authors and artists, anyone searching for a new comic or novel to read will love Tapas.

On Tapas, you can find any genre of tale. From the goriest of horrors to the most humourous of comedies, Tapas can meet any fans needs. Any fan of tales will be able to appreciate the works of beginners and experts alike. There are an infinite amount of different styles and tastes that litter the website.

All differ in style and can meet a reader's need of American comic style versus Japanese manga or a novel full of prose compared to one of lyrical dialogue. There is a little bit of everything for anyone on Tapas.

What's even better, one can enjoy the world of Tapas at the tips of their fingers with the mobile app. Available for both iOS and Android users, Tapas offers the same incredible works from their website. As a bonus, you can read offline by downloading episodes to your device before heading out. What's better then being able to enjoy the comics and books you love while on the go?

For those looking to publish their work, it's as simple as pressing the publish button on the website to get started. You don't have to be the greatest artist or the best writer of prose to publish.

You can share your work across different social media platforms, interact with your readers, post extras for your subscribers on your wall and much more.

What's more, you can actually make a bit of money through your series on Tapas.

For the website you can apply for the ad revenue program. This makes it so advertisements are viewed after ever chapter you publish, while for the app, creators are able to apply to add the tipping option to their work.

Tipping is a function where fans can give their favourite creator coins that after a certain amount can be exchanged for a monetary value.

Now, you may be asking, “What are coins? How do I get them?”

Simply put, coins are the monetary value used on Tapas' app. You can buy coin bundles through the app when logged in and your amount of coins are stored to your account.

Don't have the money to spend on coins? No need to fear, Tapas has an option for the broke. Users can watch ads to earn coins for free. There is a limit to how much one can earn each day, but its better then having to pay. You can feel awesome being able to contribute in supporting your favourite creators without having to use a cent.

Interested in joining the Tapas community? Head on over to tapas. io and sign to experience the infinite list of incredible novels and comics on Tapas.