Fanshawe's surrounding area plagued with crime

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: JESSICA THOMPSON
Thurman Circle and Fleming Drive have seen an influx in crime in the last few months.

Fanshawe’s surrounding area, notably the areas that are popular for students to occupy, have been plagued by recent crimes.

Popular student streets such as Fleming and Thurman, and their surrounding areas, have been the main targets for criminals to commit break-and-enter and car hopping related crimes. The frustration of students affected by the actions of the criminals can easily be seen on popular Fanshawe student Facebook pages.

A second year photography student at Fanshawe, Emily McCullough, provided her story of a recent car related crime that had happened to her around the popular student housing area. “On Jan. 26, I got my charger out of my car and gave my roommates my keys as I was going out for my birthday dinner. I came back around 10 p.m., and I didn’t look in my car when I came home. I woke up the next morning around 9 a.m. to go back home for the weekend. I started to put my stuff in my backseat…when I put my stuff in the backseat, I looked up to the front seat and noticed that my armrest that lifts up was open. Then, I noticed that my satellite radio was gone, and everything in my cubby was all over the front seat area. At this point, I just started to cry because what kind of person does this to someone.”

The thieves ended up taking multiple beloved items from her car, namely a satellite radio and a favourite perfume. On top of that, the thieves caused damage to the cars ventilation in order to successfully remove the satellite radio.

This was one of two car thefts that have happened to Emily Mc- Cullough in the same area.

“The past Tuesday night my friend that lives on Thurman had my car for the evening and had it parked in her driveway. I went to go pick my car up the next afternoon around 1 p.m., and the glove box and my things in the cubby were all over the place again. By this point I had everything out of my car that anyone would want to steal, besides the new phone charger and headphones I had.”

The London Police Services media officer, Jennifer McNabb provided some ideas on how to guard against similar criminal activity.

“In terms of break and enter crimes, always keeping your house secure, being watchful for suspicious activity in the area and make sure houses are well lit; porch lights are a good idea to use. Also keeping valuable belongings out of where the public would be able to see them is a good way to prevent them from being stolen.”

Specifically for vehicular crime, McNabb provided other tips.

“In terms of vehicle related crimes I would suggest similar prevention ideas such as keeping your car secured at all times and keeping valuable belongings out of your car or out of public view.” McNabb said. “There are car devices you can buy which can provide more protection for your vehicle as well.”

To individuals living or visiting the areas mentioned, be aware and be careful.