Crime prevention tip of the week

Walking to the college has been a bit of a challenge of lately; therefore, discussing pedestrian safety has become abundantly important.

Due to the varied times of classes and the shortage of daylight during the winter, there will be times when you are walking in the dark. Ideally you should have something that is reflective so that you are easier to see. I know that you can see where you are, but drivers need to be able to see you.

Adding to that challenge, rain or active snow cuts down visibility, as does a poorly cleaned windshield. The pedestrian has the right of way but that doesn't mean you'll win the fight against the car that hits you; even at low speeds you will get hurt.

Use the sidewalk. If it's on the other side of the road, cross the road and use the sidewalk.

Cross the road at the corner or crosswalk. It is where drives anticipate finding you.

Wait for the walk sign; do not jaywalk.

Look both ways before you step off the curb. You have the right of way, but a car travelling at 50 or 60 kilometres per hour can be a challenge to stop on icy or snow covered roads. Sometimes they slide through red lights at intersections.

Try to resist walking with your eyes glued to your phone. Text later, walk now.

Wear or carry something reflective, even in daylight.

Walk facing the traffic so you can look at the roadway and see the cars coming towards you. This is a definite requirement if there is no sidewalk or you are walking on the road because the sidewalk is a giant puddle.

If there is freezing rain consider walking on the grass beside the sidewalk for better footing.

If you do slip and fall on the ice take a second before you move and confirm you haven't hurt yourself. If you have broken something stay still and call for help. Don't move around and make things worse.

If you see someone fall be careful how you approach them. You don't want to fall and either land on the injured person or hurt yourself as well.

If you have questions about this or any other crime prevention concerns please feel free to contact Steve Hartwick with Campus Security Services either by phone at 519-452-4430 ext. 4929 or e-mail at