What's your Fanshawe Story? Elliot Roger: First-year computer programming

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: ELLIOT ROGER
Roger That is a smartphone app that is currently being developed by computer programming student Elliot Roger.

Now that daylight savings time has kicked in, it is getting darker much earlier and this is making some people uneasy.

“I used to be able to walk home, but now that it is dark, I am worried”, is a common phrase around this time. Luckily, a Fanshawe student has found the solution. Roger That is a smartphone app that is currently being developed by computer programming student Elliot Roger and he hopes to put frightened individuals at ease.

“In the age of technology, the best intimidation tactic to scare away a stalker is talking on your cellphone, but what if no one is up to talk to you? You can pretend to be talking on the phone, but in my opinion having your phone ring is your safest option. With the Roger That app, after you download it, all you have to do is text the words “Roger That” and your phone will automatically ring. When you pick up, your speakerphone will turn on and you can start having a generic conversation with a recorded lady until you arrive to your destination,” Roger said.

“I grew up learning about serial killers and became very inspired. Ted Bundy, John Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer, they all made me who I am today,” Roger joked.

Fortunately, Roger is using his inspiration for good, and his app could easily stop some serious incidents.

Roger does not plan on staying in London as he sees this app not just as a safeguard for students walking home late at night, but as a profitable business. He plans on moving to California where he can build his headquarters and a team to work on future applications

“I know Roger That is a mobile app, so I don’t really need an office, but I feel that in order to grow, I need to be somewhere with a larger population, where I can build a company and create future apps for safety purposes.”

Originally from Lynnville, Roger planned on going to Mohawk College, which is close to where he resides.

“Although Fanshawe was my first choice, I planned on going to Mohawk so I could commute everyday. I have a passion for horseback riding and I wanted to be close to my horse Beau. When she tragically passed away, I realized I was selling myself short. Losing my best friend was hard, but I almost felt like she knew that the only way for me to peruse my dream was if she passed on. Can you tell I am a spiritual person,” Roger joked.

Roger’s dream is three or four years down the road but he is confident that he will find his path at Fanshawe.