Fanshawe launching 10 new programs for fall 2016

Responding to the demand of both students and employers, Fanshawe has made it its mission to implement enough courses each year to respond to the growing demand in the workforce.

“Right now we are at a high degree of change, so the work force is very much rapidly changing, technology is changing as we know all the time,” said Tony Frost, executive director of the College's Reputation and Brand Management department. “We have over 200 programs, but we have to update and introduce new programs all the time.”

And update they did as 10 new programs make themselves available to students in September, many of the programs the first in Ontario.

“If you look at the sector, we [Fanshawe] are one of the highest numbers in terms of new number of programs of any college in the sector, so we are really proud of that,” Frost said.

What is significant with the new programs, however, is not the number, but the fact that they are in an array of fields.

“[The courses aren't] only [focused] on one area that's being targeted, there is a lot of growth in a lot of areas and so that's great, but also that we are producing programs that are relevant to them [the students] and where they see themselves, they see the outcomes that they will achieve and that's most importantly what this is all about.”

The new courses being offered are:

Fire inspection and fire safety education: the first of its kind in the province.

Graduate certificate in advanced ergonomic studies: the first of its kind in Canada.

Bachelor of commerce (management)

Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) operation: 300-hour certificate.

Doula studies: the first of its kind in the province.

Special events planning: twoyear program.

Auto body repair techniques: one-year certificate program.

Public safety leadership: oneyear certificate program.

Design foundations

Public safety fundamentals: oneyear certificate program and unique in Ontario.

According to Frost, the school collaborates with these program advisory committees who work with the school's faculty and suggest to them how the labour force is changing and what it needs in terms of skills.

“Our job is to meet student and employer demand and so we have set ourselves a goal of I believe seven new programs per year over the next number of years.”

This is a goal that Fanshawe has exceeded for two years in a row.

According to Fanshawe president Peter Devlin in a press release, the goal to provide students with the best education necessary is what Fanshawe thrives on.

“Fanshawe remains committed to providing students with exceptional learning experiences and programming that position our graduates for employment success.”