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Who the eff is stealing all the Fs?

Who the eff is stealing all the Fs?


Thanks to a recent influx in stolen letters from Fanshawe signage, the college has removed all the letters themselves until they come up with a better way to make the letters harder to remove in order to prevent thefts in the future.

Kerra Seay | Interrobang | News | May 27th, 2016

What may seem like an innocent act of youthful recklessness may have some serious consequences to your future.

Over the past few weeks an increasing number of letters from the Fanshawe exterior signs have been stolen.

According to Peter Gilbert, chief information officer and executive director of facilities, management and community safety, over 15 “Fs” have disappeared from the gate and main corner sign as well as some letters spelling out “Fanshawe” at some main corners.

He said the costs of the thefts has almost reached $10,000.

The thefts have instigated a change in the way the letters are installed in order to prevent thefts in the future.

“The replacement cost will not be covered by insurance — unfortunately it means taking $10,000 out of services that will be provided to next year's students,” Gilbert said in an email.

Special constable Luke Edwards from Fanshawe Security said the implications of being caught stealing one of the letters could negatively impact not just their future at Fanshawe, but their future outside of the school as well.

“If we identify the persons responsible and they are identified as a studentů a major case investigation via our Student Code of Conduct [would ensue],” he said.

“Theft is theft and unfortunately for some students who are looking at moving on to their chosen careers, certainly a criminal charge may impact their ability to take up the career they are looking for.”

Edwards said that in the case of a stolen letter a criminal charge of theft under $5,000 could apply.

Gilbert said the culprits are likely students who take a piece of the sign as memorabilia when they graduate.

“We appreciate the fact that some of our students like Fanshawe so much that they want to take a piece of it with them,” he said.

Instead of stealing a letter from a sign, Gilbert suggests students join the Fanshawe Alumni Association, which will support the next generation of students as opposed to spending resources to repair the signs.
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