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Meet your 2016 Fanshawe Student Union candidates

News | March 7th, 2016

FSU President


Heather Bailey
Heather Bailey, FSU Presidential candidate Heather Bailey is a third-year, Landscape Design student with intentions of completing the Environmental Design Degree program at Fanshawe College. She owns and operates Maybles’ Productions which has produced a stage comedy each year since 2009 here in London. Her theatre company aims to attract new talent to the vibrant, local theatre scene. She lived in India for a year from 2005-2006, has worked as a construction worker, a horticulturalist and a pharmacy technician. She is a mature student, a wife, a new auntie, a director, a photographer, an actor, a proud PRIDE Fest supporter, and a Dr. Who, Star Wars and Star Trek fan. Heather’s future intentions include becoming a city/urban/community planner with the City of London, helping to build and improve existing connections between Fanshawe and our community, participate in initiatives which will improve our current transit system, explore ways in which we as the student body can encourage, empower and include each other in activities on and off campus. Heather is currently working as an assistant to City Councillor Michael van Holst, to create a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Hamilton Road area between Adelaide and Highbury. Heather lives with her husband-to-be just minutes from Fanshawe College with their toy poodle and three cats. She enjoys spending her spare time tending to her garden, volunteering at the Arts Project downtown, participating in community theatre and visiting with family and friends. INCLUSION. DIVERSITY. AWARENESS. EMPOWERMENT. COMMUNITY. It starts with YOU! Heather Bailey - moving Fanshawe and London Forward!

Borneman, Jordan
Jordan Borneman, FSU Presidential candidate What’s up Fanshawe! My name is Jordan Borneman, and I am want to become your Fanshawe Student Union President for the 2016-2017 year. Over the last 2 years Fanshawe has been my home. During that time I have been involved in numerous ways around the campus, most recently as Vice President of Athletics and Residence Life. It is through these experiences that I have grown to become the person I am today. As a result of this experience and growth, I consider myself to be uniquely qualified for this role. I am 24 years old, proudly Canadian, and have lived in Ontario my whole life. I was born and raised in Parry Sound, before moving to Sault Ste. Marie where I attended Sault College. During my time at Sault College, I graduated from Hotel and Resort Management as well as Business Management, before serving 2 terms as the Student Union President. I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration Marketing program, after graduating from Business Marketing this summer here at Fanshawe.   I believe that to truly get the most out of your college experience, you must be involved. My goals for next year are to focus on rebuilding student life on campus by engaging students, and informing students of what is available to them during their time at Fanshawe. Remember Fanshawe it’s YOUR voice. YOUR choice. Vote Jordan Borneman for FSU President! Voting takes place Monday March 7th to Thursday March 10th at 2:00 pm.


Forsythe, Carlie
Carlie Forsythe, FSU Presidential candidate My name is Carlie Forsythe and I am running to be your Fanshawe Student Union President for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am currently in my final year of the Bachelor of Commerce Human Resources Management program and the Project Management post-graduate program. I am a proud Fanshawe alumni, and over the past six years here, I have gotten to know many of the students and staff who make this community what it is. As a mature student, I’ve learned that getting involved is the best way to enhance the college experience. Becoming part of the Fanshawe Student Union as the current VP Finance has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I’ve been able to make a significant contribution to student life. I am running for President because I firmly believe that the Fanshawe Student Union is capable of providing improved services and student engagement, as well as continued community involvement within Fanshawe College and the City of London. I also firmly believe in the sustainability and financial accountability of our operations, including the new Wellness Centre. My platform is based upon student advocacy, embracing culture and diversity, communication, and transparency, including:
  • Student-focused leadership and student engagement
  • International and diverse student affairs
  • Support for varsity athletes
  • Team and organizational motivation, benchmarking, and best practices
Please feel free to say hi or ask questions if you see me around campus! Make sure you vote Carlie Forsythe for President on FanshaweOnline from March 7th to March 10th.

Nikides, Maria
Maria Nikides, FSU Presidential candidate Hello Fanshawe! My name is Maria Nikides and I am overjoyed to be running for President. I am your VP External and Academic Affairs for 2015-2016 and previous SAC representative of Human Services and Public Safety. Within these two years I have gained a passion for student leadership. Being on council has allowed me to have hands on experience with our accomplishments and see the areas of improvement needed within the board. We the student council have not been as accessible and accountable as we could have been. I intend to see to it that we have more awareness of financial advice as well as better academic appeals and even more events that serve the whole student body. I will be a graduating student of the Developmental Service Worker Program. It is my ultimate goal to help shape people with developmental disabilities to live a full, independent life within their community. I am currently balancing school, placement and work. My placement as an Educational Assistant at Clarke Road Secondary School and at a group home with Community Living have made me embrace my true calling of really wanting to help people in every way possible. These are just a glimpse into what I want to do for the FSU organization. I plan on making the new council able to help you, the students more aware of our services, provide appeals assistance, financial aid, and even better diverse events. Appoint the best person for the job. Vote Maria Nikides for President.

Yousuf, Abdi
Abdi Yousuf, FSU Presidential candidate My name is Abdi, I am running to become your President of the Fanshawe Student Union. I am currently in my final semester of Avionics, and I have become the Student Administrative Council of the School of Transportation Technology and Aviation Technology I know the title really does not roll of your tongue. Furthermore, what I have learned from my program is that my job is to make sure aircraft keep flying and of course a problem arises, so I find the problem, look at how the whole system works, and how it effects the system, and assess how to fix/resolve the problem. This has helped me with daily Issues I have found and have pursued to resolve for my position of Student administrative Council, and I want to apply these same principles once I have been elected for the President position. Finally, I am asking you to talk to me, state your concerns, and tell me what you see for change, and what you enjoy about Fanshawe, I have enjoyed my time here, and want you to enjoy your time here as well so make sure you vote someone you believe in. Thank you, Abdi Yousuf

VP Finance


Smith, Jahmoyia
Jahmoyia Smith, FSU VP Finance candidate ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon em’ (Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, 1602). This unique idiom is a constant guide to my inevitable achievement of greatness. I center my goals and objectives in life on this profound piece of literature. My name is Jahmoyia Davena Smith, a name which has no researched meaning; however, I dare to be different and set myself apart. “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”( Ian Wallace). This short quotation has permitted me to use my confidence to ‘conquer’ any unfamiliar surroundings which my presence has the opportunity to grace for a long period of time. Nonetheless, a few character traits which I have garner in all my years of interacting with people of different culture, ethnicity and background in an educational environment are; selflessness and hospitability. My dream in life is to become a criminal lawyer, however I have made the expert decision of pursuing a career in Early Childhood leadership. I am a strong believer in fairness and opportunity and I pride myself and my campaign on the exploitation of opportunities. I believe that possibilities are endless and as Vice president of finance I plan to manifest that saying. I plan to serve you the the student as you hold the title of the most valuable resource that this insitution currently holds. My platform will emit a sense of purpose driven by the burning desire to help each and every student at Fanshawe attain his/hers highest goal.

VP Internal


Kaisar, Kevin
Kevin Kaisar, FSU VP Internal candidate Hi Falcons! I’m Kevin Kaisar and I’m running to be your next VP Internal Affairs. You might also know me as KevKev, that Indian dude, Gavin the VP, or “that guy from the Facebook group”. I’m a third year student in the Business Administration - Leadership and Management program, and am back next year to take Special Events Planning because guess what, I love this school too much to leave. As your next VP of Internal Affairs I want to enhance your student life. I’ve been a part of many student clubs over the years and would love to use my experience to oversee club activity and improve the system. I’m also very involved in social awareness and am looking forward to running awareness weeks, events, and fundraisers for a good cause. My job is to make sure you have the time of your life while you’re a student here. I urge you to make the choice that serves you best. Pick me, because I’m the candidate who is going to do things differently. Vote YES for Kevin! You won’t regret it.

VP External & Academic Affairs


Levesque, Bryan
Bryan Levesque, FSU VP External & Academic Affairs candidate My name is Bryan Levesque, I am a first year broadcast journalism student, and I am running to be your next VP External and Academic Affairs. External affairs is all about bringing your voice to the table when it comes to education. That’s tuition, financial aid, any everything in between. If elected, here is what I would do as your representative: Create better outreach between students and the FSU to ensure our lobby priorities are truly student driven. Provide greater opportunities for students to be involved with external affairs directly through a new external affairs committee. Work every day to make your experience here at Fanshawe better.

VP Entertainment


Pocock, Cameron
Cameron Pocock, FSU VP Entertainment candidate My name is Cameron Pocock, and I am running for VP of Entertainment. How will you remember your college experience in thirty years? Do you want to remember 8am lectures and long Tim Hortons lines? Wouldn’t you rather look back and remember the incredible things you did outside of the classroom? The memories that will bring a smile to your face will be the times you spend with new friends and the once in a lifetime moments that only exist at Fanshawe. As your VP of Entertainment, my mission will be to create as many memorable moments for you as possible. I will bring a winning combination of both traditional events and new activities to our campus like live music, game nights, and more. My strong passion for entertaining as a Music Industry Arts student, combined with my experience booking local shows and events, makes me the perfect choice for this position. With your ideas and input, together we will build an unforgettable college experience worth remembering thirty years down the road. A vote for me is a long-term investment. It’s a vote for the memories that will last you a lifetime.

Sampson, Morganna
Morganna Sampson, FSU VP Entertainment candidate Communication is the key to any great relationship. It’s through communication that we affect real change. As a Business Marketing Student at Fanshawe with my eyes set on making waves in the Public Relations field, I’ve made it my personal goal to bring life and vibrancy to events and see to it that you have more awareness of campus activities. My largest goal is to create more community at Fanshawe. Creating connections and opening up lines of communication is my innate expertise and a skill that I have utilized for the benefit of others time and time again. In 2015, I was the Student Administrative Council Representative for the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business and in 2016 I became the Vice President of Internal Affairs where I grew passionate about event planning at Fanshawe. I ran the Bell Let’s Talk Campaign and Yellow Umbrella Project with less than a week’s notice and had fantastic turnouts. Hundreds of photos were taken for Bell Let’s Talk and posted to Fanshawe’s Twitter and 405 people wrote kind post it notes to raise awareness for mental health at the Yellow Umbrella Project. I strongly believe in doing what you love and loving what you do. My passion runs deep when it comes to creating events and connecting with people. I intend to build a strong relationship with you so that together, we create an entertaining community focused on living it up through exciting events and entertainment at Fanshawe. Together we will make 2016-2017 unforgettable!

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