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Beauty Boy: The dawn of the cushion era

Joshua R. Waller | Interrobang | Culture | March 7th, 2016

Do you hate wearing powder products but find it way too difficult to carry cream or liquid products around with you because they are messy? The latest innovation in cosmetics may be the solution to all your problems. Cushion products are the newest cosmetic to hit the market that have the texture and feeling of a liquid, but have the convenience of a compact.

Essentially a cushion product is a porous sponge that is soaked in liquid makeup that is encased in a convenient, travel-friendly compact. They come in foundations, eyeliners, eye shadows and now blushes.

Many brands are starting to launch these products so there are many options and price points that make it accessible to everyone.

The first cushion products to launch were the foundations. These are mess free and are perfect for touch ups throughout the day that can be put on top of your foundation or can be worn alone.

If applied with a compact sponge, you can achieve a sheer, luminous complexion that is essentially weightless.

If applied with a buffing brush, you can get a high coverage foundation with an airbrush finish. Brands such as Lancome, Pur Minerals and Physicians Formula all have beautiful cushion foundations.

Stila has recently launched their Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner that just like cushion foundations, is a sponge soaked in highly pigmented liquid liner. This product is almost like working with ink and a quill, and can create beautiful liner styles, especially the cat eye. It comes in six shades and is also completely smudge proof.

Another addition to the eye cushion makeup family is Pur Minerals Eye Polish. This beautiful liquid eye shadow can be worn alone for a smudge proof, iridescent look, but can also be worn as a base for powder shadows or can even be worn on top of powder eye shadows to create more drama.

This product also comes with a perfectly shaped silicone applicator that makes the application simple and makes the clean up even easier.

The next cushion product that is going to be hitting the market soon is the cushion blush. They are silky in texture and therefore they simply glide onto the skin without any creasing or dry patches. These blushes are extremely pigmented which makes them customizable to fit any type of look you want to achieve.

The cushion products are here to stay and are definitely worth trying out. They are easy to use, give beautiful results and best of all, they are compact and easy to travel with. Keep an eye out for these products and see what new, exciting launches are to come in the near future.
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