New study abroad options available

The Lawrence Kinlin School of Business has made new exchange and articulation opportunities available to students.

Ingrid Amezquita Montoya, the international student success advisor and exchange coordinator for the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, said the benefits from studying abroad are endless.

“To go on an exchange is a once in a lifetime experience,” said Amezquita Montoya. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to develop academically, personally and professionally.” She emphasized that this is a must for business students who want to stay competitive in the job market.

The new exchange opportunities are in the Netherlands at Utrecht University and in Spain at Cesine University College. Fanshawe is also in the process of arranging exchange opportunities with a school in southern Germany at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg.

The new articulation opportunities are in Ireland at the Limerick Institute of Technology, in England at Manchester Metropolitan University as well as at a school in Scotland.

There is a difference between an exchange and an articulation. A student goes on an exchange while they are in the process of receiving their diploma. A student goes on an articulation after they have completed their studies and are continuing to a higher level of post-secondary education.

According to Minette Klazinga, pathways and events consultant for the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, for those who are interested in obtaining a master’s degree, an articulation can save students both time and money.

“It gives [students] multiple credentials to make them as competitive in the job market as they possibly can be,” Klazinga said. “This gives them the chance to travel while still working on their academics. It’s an easy way to kill two birds with one stone.”

There are currently nine countries with exchange agreements with Fanshawe, with eight in Europe and one in South America, as well as seven countries with over 40 available institutions with articulation agreements.

Amezquita Montoya said one of the barriers students face when it comes to going on an exchange is money, but she said there are many options available to them including scholarships.

She added that students who go on an exchange will not suffer any academic penalties and that all courses abroad are taught in English.

About 20 Fanshawe students go on an exchange every semester, but Amezquita Montoya hopes that number will grow.

“We want students to know that if they plan ahead… they can have a fantastic semester.”

For any student who is interested in going on an exchange or an articulation, information sessions are available at the beginning of every semester.