Municipal election: The results are in

Former Ward 7 councillor Matt Brown was elected mayor on October 27 along with 11 new council members and three re-elected councillors.

Brown was elected with over 57 per cent of the vote, beating opponent Paul Cheng by nearly 26,000 votes. Former councillor Joe Swan came in third with over four per cent of the vote.

Brown campaigned on simplifying the process of starting and expanding businesses in London, keeping taxes low, improving the bus transit system, government transparency and improving the downtown core, among other things.

As for the election of ward councillors, Londoners elected mostly newcomers, voting out of office those associated with former mayor Joe Fontana: Bud Polhill, Stephen Orser, Paul Van Meerbergen, Denise Brown and Sandy White.

Bill Armstrong, Paul Hubert and Harold Usher were the only three members who were re-elected.

The total vote turnout was 43.2 per cent, up from 39.9 per cent in 2010 and the highest since 1994, according to the London Free Press.

WARD 1 Michael van Holst (50.7 per cent)

WARD 2 Bill Armstrong (39 per cent)

WARD 3 Mo Mohamed Salih (52.5 per cent)

WARD 4 Jesse Helmer (59.2 per cent)

WARD 5 Maureen Cassidy (57.4 per cent)

WARD 6 Phil Squire (28.3 per cent)

WARD 7 Josh Morgan (56.6 per cent)

WARD 8 Paul Hubert (83.1 per cent)

WARD 9 Anna Hopkins (46.2 per cent)

WARD 10 Virginia Ridley (51.2 per cent)

WARD 11 Stephen Turner (54.1 per cent)

WARD 12 Harold Usher (48.4 per cent)

WARD 13 Tanya Park (39.8 per cent)

WARD 14 Jarad Zaifman (39 per cent)