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Interrobang issue for Monday, April 4th, 2016

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Social media trends spark eating disorders
With yet another trending topic promoting an unhealthy obsession with being skinny, the issues surrounding eating disorders and the fixation with being thin at any cost becomes apparent. Known as the A4 Skinny Waist Challenge or the #A4wai... Read this article

Fanshawe Fashion Design graduates take over the runway on April 9
The Fanshawe College Alumni Association presents the 10th annual Unbound Fashion show on Saturday, April 9. This event is an opportunity for graduating Fashion Design students to debut a unique five-look collection that they feel represents th... Read this article

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Ghomeshi verdict and the problem with reporting sexual assault
Anger, frustration and confusion were some of the emotions felt in the wake of the verdict of Jian Ghomeshi’s trial that held the attention of Canadians for months. The former CBC radio host was charged with four counts of sexual ass... Read this article

Fanshawe residences take initiative to reduce energy consumption
Fanshawe’s R1: Falcon Residence has won the college’s first ever Energy Conservation Challenge. The challenge, hosted by Sustainability at Fanshawe, started out on Feb. 29, when residents returned from reading week to find their... Read this article

ABCampout head co-ordinator emphasizes importance of mental health awareness
Colleges and universities want to make sure their students take care of their mental health. Both Western University and Fanshawe College have several events and initiatives to help students de-stress, such as therapy dogs, free massages and m... Read this article

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Where are women in skilled trades?
Women choosing to learn a skilled trade in Canada still fall way behind men choosing the same route. According to Uniforg, women comprise of 48 per cent of the Canadian workforce, yet the Conference Board of Canada recognizes that less th... Read this article

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London reps react to federal budget
The federal budget has drawn different reactions from various levels of government representatives in London — in particular with its effects on post-secondary students and rapid transit. “I’m incredibly proud of this bud... Read this article

ZARA, H&M coming to Masonville as part of major redevelopment
Masonville Place is getting a major uplift with a $77 million investment in renovations and introduction of international retailers such as ZARA and H&M. The investment is the most expensive renovation conducted at the mall since it op... Read this article

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Uber/taxi drama could soon come to an end
As the Uber/taxi drama in London continues, city officials are taking steps to fix the situation. London City Hall recently announced five possible options regarding the future of Uber in the city, each of them with varying effects on the ... Read this article

Star Wars mania continues in the Forest City
2015 was a big year for Star Wars. The highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was released, the first major motion picture released in the series in about a decade. The film collected around $2.05 billion USD and f... Read this article

Tinnitus, a common hearing problem among youth, precedes hearing loss
The 2012 and 2013 Statistics Canada survey revealed that 41 per cent of Canadians aged three to 79 have experienced tinnitus while it was also estimated that 51 per cent of Canadians in the same age bracket uses earphones to listen to audio so... Read this article

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Second annual London Sport and Activity Expo fast approaching
With the end of winter, so too ends the days of hibernating indoors, begging for the snow to melt and the sun to come out. Now is the time to be preparing for all of the outdoor activities that accompany summer, and a good place to start is th... Read this article


Reyno Ramblings: The difference between success and failure is thin and covered in cheese
As another semester comes to a close, minds begin to drift to post-exam keggers, shindigs, hoo-has and celebrations of all sorts. It has become rather difficult to focus on things like your big statistics assignment when the mind is busy putting... Read this article

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Rumours of Grace: The Pope's Easter prayer for the world
I am not a member of the Catholic Church. Half a millennium ago when the Catholic Church was at a low point, the people of many countries broke with Catholicism to live their faith without the supervision of the Pope and Catholic hierarchy. This... Read this article

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Who are the Zs?
A recent study conducted by EDUCAUSE, in the U.S., revealed that universities and colleges are not ready for an information revolution, due to slow social changes occurring within them. But they must be prepared because of a new reality. Th... Read this article

Understanding regret
“I wish I had said something when it actually mattered! What was I thinking when I was doing that? How could I have thought it would be a good idea? I wish I had gone with my friends. I can’t believe I forgot my phone.” Com... Read this article

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The politics of Rob Ford
Social media has ended the careers of countless individuals over the years. From people using Twitter to acquire drugs at work, to people venting about their superiors on Facebook, there’s no shortage of cautionary tales. Internet shaming ... Read this article


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An abundantly better love story than Twilight
It’s a premise that’s practically been done to death in many a medium: a misfit human finds love in the arms of a misfit monster. United by their shared weirdness as outcasts in one another’s respective communities, they overc... Read this article

How to rest your body
An especially tough week, or even one day, can result in muscle soreness (the kind where you can barely move or brush your teeth). It’s time to rest and rest comes in many forms. Active rest Whether you are just starting to ex... Read this article

Foods to avoid
Time to ditch the donut. There are so many rules to healthy eating which makes it easy to get overwhelmed. There’s the 80:20 rule where you eat healthy 80 per cent of the time and unhealthy 20 per cent of the time, not a great idea becaus... Read this article

Flying too close to the sun
A god walks among men, toppling buildings with a look, destroying cities with a muscle flex, murdering thousands with a careless breath. Left unchecked, Superman could quickly become Earth’s greatest threat. Standing up against this thre... Read this article

Get a new wardrobe on a budget
For many students, as spring comes, we decide it’s time to revamp our wardrobe. Unfortunately, a fancy new wardrobe can come at quite a cost. A great way to get a new look on a budget is by heading to your local thrift store and sear... Read this article

How to get fit
So, I hear you want to get in shape and I am here to help: You need help . More people achieve long-term success after learning from an expert or someone with more experience. Just be careful who you choose. Have a big goal . Once yo... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Creating life and exploring our genetic past
For my final entry in Scientific Adventures we'll be taking a look at the origins of ancient bacterial photosynthesis, as well the smallest synthetic organisms ever made. The origins of photosynthesis explored A Colombian researc... Read this article

G33K LYFE: Uncharted to unearth one last treasure
May 10 is going to be a bittersweet day for long-time PlayStation gamers, promising a day of triumph with the melancholy feeling of something wonderful coming to an end. That’s the day that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set to see a... Read this article

An impressionistic search for lost time
Knight of Cups is another one of Terrence Malick’s cinematic reveries MONTREAL (CUP) – In his last few films, Terrence Malick has come close to fulfilling the whole potential of cinema as the sum of all previously existing art ... Read this article

Zayn Malik, definitively alright on his own
OTTAWA (CUP) – Exactly one year after Zayn Malik released a statement saying he was leaving One Direction in order to “be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight,” he released ... Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Give the gift of yourself to someone who could really use what you have to offer. You have too much vigor and cheer for one person, so you might as well spread it around. The feeling is more important than the... Read this article


Fanshawe's women's curling wins silver at CCAA Championships
After four days of a hard fought battle at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Championships, Fanshawe’s women’s curling team came second and the men’s team fifth. The final game for the women was against ... Read this article

Fanshawe curling team coach wins award
Barry Westman, the head coach of Fanshawe’s curling team has been named the CCAA Coach of the Year, taking both his men and women’s teams to nationals. The women’s team came second in Canada and the men’s team came fifth. ... Read this article

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Nail biter of a first round of playoffs, Knights vs. Owen Sound
Over 9,000 electrified fans filled the Budweiser Gardens March 25th, as the London Knights squared off against the Owen Sound Attack for game one of the 2016 OHL Playoffs. As the Knights have defeated the Attack on four out of their six enc... Read this article

Premier League Ponderings: What's in store for the Premier League
It’s that sad time of the year again. That time when my yearlong coverage of England’s top flight of football comes to an end with plenty of drama left to unfold. Each team in the league has at least seven remaining matches to play,... Read this article

Motoring: Space of a minivan, appearance of an SUV, introducing the 2016 Ford Explorer
The 2016 model of the Ford Explorer is not an all-new vehicle. However, it is a heavily revised version of the model that went on sale back in 2011. For 2016, the sheet metal has been revised. Park the 2016 model next to a 2011 model, and ... Read this article

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