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Interrobang issue for Monday, September 14th, 2015

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ZipCar available at Fanshawe
Although most students have a bus pass, some prefer to use their own car to drive onto campus. However, finding a parking spot can be tedious and paying parking fees and parking tickets can add up and become costly. Students now have anoth... Read this article

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Project LEARN 2015 targeting noisy partiers
Beware rowdy partiers; Project LEARN is back. The initiative, which began more than 12 years ago, is short for Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise. The goal of the project is to remind new and old residents alike of respectful partyi... Read this article

35 years later, Marathon of Hope still going strong
Even 35 years after he dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean and officially began the Marathon of Hope, it’s tough to find a Canadian who has not heard the name Terry Fox. The Canadian hero has garnered international recognition... Read this article

Workmania to help students get part-time work
Job-hunting is already an intimidating endeavor. Job-hunting in a new city is even worse. A new event for Fanshawe students offers resume help, job hunting tips and job application aid for students looking for part-time work during school.... Read this article

NDP's Irene Mathyssen is ready for change
What’s happened to Canada? That is what countries internationally are asking. Appropriately termed “the lost decade”, Irene Mathyssen talks about how a New Democratic Party (NDP) government may be able to “rebuild the re... Read this article

OSAP changes means more money for some students
New changes to Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for the 2015 – 2016 academic year gives students across Ontario more control and flexibility when it comes to making financial decisions regarding their education. The Ministry... Read this article

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More options for sexual assault survivors
Pro-rape chants at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, misogynistic Facebook posts by a group of dentistry students at Dalhousie University and a growing epidemic of violence against women on Canadian campuses have made sexual assaults a c... Read this article

Modernizing Ontario alcohol sales
WATERLOO (CUP) — An LCBO memo released on August 19 revealed that 10 LCBOs across Ontario have been chosen for a pilot project introducing the sale of 12-packs of beer. The project was set up by the provincial government to “mo... Read this article


Voting for a Facebook account
With the recent return to campus taking place at post-secondary institutions across the country, many students are experiencing the misfortune of seeing their pre-study revelry posted online for the world to see. Thanks to the connectedness made... Read this article

Fork in the Road: The need for speed
The other day as I was driving home from work, a fellow on a motorcycle sped past me weaving in and out of traffic. He was either in a rush or simply showing off, but regardless of his reckless driving, I couldn’t help but chuckle when we ... Read this article

Rumours of Grace: One refugee for every 14,000 Canadians
Canadians, we like to say, have great hearts. We are generous and open handed and do well when faced with the challenge of helping people in the international community who are in trouble. Canadians helped people fleeing the terror zones of... Read this article

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Law Talk: Human rights in Ontario - Physical disability
In Canada, both provincial and federal regulations are in place to ensure that everyone has the right to equal treatment and freedom from discrimination. The importance of freedom from discrimination has been recognized as essential to promoting... Read this article


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Farinas and Freitas to headline this year's London Comic Con
The weekend of Sept. 25 will see the Western Fairgrounds Progress Building hosting the London Comic Con, a three-day event, which includes cosplay, videogame and geek culture. Comic book professionals Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas will ... Read this article

Beauty Boy: All about that base
To achieve flawless skin you can’t just throw on some foundation and expect miracles. The most important step when it comes to your complexion is your skin care and how you prep your skin before you put on a foundation. To make the a... Read this article

Mature students give their advice to fellow Falcons
The first day of college can be exciting, but also stressful. Although you are looking forward to starting a new chapter in your life, making new friends and learning new lessons, you worry about feeling lost, alone and behind on your work. ... Read this article

Career suicide with a side of glitter
Miley Cyrus is an artist that everyone loves to hate, and in this bittersweet train wreck kind of way she just keeps going. On Sept. 4 she released a new album, or rather an experimental art project, dubbed Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. T... Read this article

George R.R. Martin: Not just a one trick pony
While most of us know him almost exclusively from The Song of Ice and Fire, which has been adapted into the wildly successful HBO franchise Game of Thrones (GoT), George R. R. Martin didn’t start out writing fantasy. Science fiction was ... Read this article

"Like a cold one on a summer's day"
What would you give up to follow your dream: your significant other, your home or your kids? In Ricki and the Flash, Meryl Streep plays a musician who dropped everything years ago to pursue her passion. Called back to Indiana by her ex-husband... Read this article

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Link found between transgender students and eating disorders
New study reveals body image stress as a leading cause of eating disorders MONTREAL – According to a study conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Health, 15.82 per cent of transgender college students are diagnosed with an eating d... Read this article

London's Ivory Hours to return home
London's Ivory Hours is swinging in the right direction. And it can only get more exciting for this band as time goes on. Initially formed in London back in 2012 by Luke Roes, Ivory Hours blends an alternative-pop sound that includes R... Read this article

G33K LYFE: The Force Awakens - Top Five Facts (So Far)
On Dec. 8 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is going to open in theatres and is poised to send box office records tumbling. One would be hard pressed to find more hype surrounding an upcoming movie, as every inch of the internet is ... Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Lighten up with the big demands. This is or should be a week off from your usual pace. Instead of your expectations, others could use your help or support. Put on your kind face and notice how natural it feels.... Read this article

Music as therapy and inspiration
WATERLOO (CUP) – Seeing Interpol live this summer felt amazing. Watching as the band performed songs spanning their 18- year career brought back memories of when I first started listening to Paul Banks and the band when I was 13. Standin... Read this article

Get Swoodled
New collaboration app a must-use for students Group projects have never been kind to me. Many applications already exist to make life just a little bit easier, but a new app based out of Belfast, Ireland, has combined the best of what is ... Read this article


Falcons welcome former Canadian national team soccer player
Former Canadian national team player Jade Kovacevic has been signed to Fanshawe’s women’s soccer team’s roster for the upcoming season. “We are extremely excited to have Jade as part of our squad this year,” s... Read this article

Motoring: The new 2016 Mazda MX-5
This test is what you’ve been waiting for. This test is what I’ve been waiting for. Question is, is the 2016 Mazda MX-5 worth the wait? If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re already well versed with the story of the Maz... Read this article

A new Falcon era has begun
As we begin another school year and get back to our regular routines and reintroduce ourselves to our usual school setting, something that won’t seem as familiar will be our sports stars. Fanshawe’s varsity teams will inevitably be ... Read this article

Premier League Ponderings: Mourinho's third season blues
Less than four weeks into the Premier League season and already the predictions I made in the last edition of this column appear to be way off the mark. Diego Costa has yet to find the net, three of the top four positions are held by clubs... Read this article

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Make fitness part of your routine
Remember when gym class and after school sports or activities were just part of the everyday routine? Now you are in college and it's hard to find that balance to fit your schedule. It's even more important now as it will help you conce... Read this article

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