Collaborative community coming to computer screens near you

Are you full of project ideas but aren't sure how to get them off the ground? David Uram might have the solution for you.

Uram met his current business partner on Kijiji where both men wanted to work on a project. “When we started working on the project, there was nothing out there [on the Internet] that we could give it a home to grow and connect the community,” he said.

“Mindstack evolved out of us and our own needs,” said Uram. “You can collaborate, work on projects, and shape the world around you by working with people with the same ideas, passions and give you a place and the tools to work on those projects.”

With the launch of Mindstack, Uram wanted to promote it with an event called Big & Bold. “We're connecting the community by partnering up with Hacker Studios [Participants] are going to be working on projects [like] a huge mural, and collaborating and working together and getting people together. It can all happen on Mindstack.”

Big & Bold and Mindstack will be launched together in order to align the two. “We're getting in the community and hitting the pavement ... talking to students and working with schools to get a lot of projects going for the event,” said Uram.

Projects Uram is expecting range from art to murals to business start-ups. “It's all over the map, and we have no way to pin point a theme; it's really [about being] creative and leveraging your talents.”

The event is to encourage people to use Mindstack, sure. But Big & Bold offers another incentive as well: a cash prize.

“It's just over $2,000. There's also sponsorship from local businesses here. We're adding to that every day, so it's growing,” said Uram.

Participating teams will be judged by a panel based on five criteria (in relation to other projects):

1. Size: How big the project is.

2. Ambition: How bold it is, how far the person/team went with the idea

3. Relatability: How well did it relate to London? How well did it connect and get people involved?

4. Social media: How often teams kept the community up to date with Facebook and Twitter.

5. Mindstack: How did the team use Mindstack? Did they come to all the meetings?

“Anybody can participate in London,” Uram said. “We're looking for ways to spread the word of having more organizations involved and see what we can make up here.”

Big & Bold will run from October 21 to November 27. Visit and for more information.