My Series of Unfortunate Events: Late to the party

One of my (very few) downfalls is that I tend to catch onto trends really, really late in the game.

For example, I only first read the Harry Potter books when the sixth movie was being released in theatres. I thought that perhaps it was time I jumped on the bandwagon, and I have been obsessed ever since.

The same goes for any TV series. I'll usually not even hear about a show until it's in its fourth season, and then I feel obligated to watch every single episode within four days.

I'm quite content with this method of mine, the only negative side effect is that you usually have a pretty good idea of what happens in said trend because everyone else on the planet has already experienced it.

I really admire those people who are able to discover the next big thing. I mean, who was the first person to pick up a Twilight book and say, “This sparkling vampire is going to take over the world.” It's almost as mysterious as the person who starts the Wave at a sporting event — I never seem to be quick enough to even participate in that type of trend. I'm sure there are people who are worse than me — there must be some people out there who are just now discovering Crocs.

On the other hand, many people don't know that I actually was the original creator of the Chronicles of Narnia book series. In the fourth grade I wrote a short story about a girl who reached too far in her fridge and fell into a magical land of lions and witches. The story mysteriously disappeared, but I am convinced someone stole it and turned it into a successful franchise.

Perhaps I'm not destined to be late to the party forever. Maybe one day I will be able to discover something before anyone else. I feel like I need to put dibs on something, otherwise no one will give me credit for skyrocketing it to fame.

I solemnly swear (Harry Potter reference, FYI) that I will always be on the lookout for future trends from now on. If you happen to spot any, please come to me straight away, I can't live like this forever. Now excuse me while I go watch the first episode of Lost.