Sweet Tweets of the Week

Looking for a summer job? Look no further than your campus newspaper, #Fanshawe! We're looking for FT work study writers & graphic designers

#Fanshawe officers participating too! MT @lpsmediaoffice At Masonville on Apr 6 officers will have heads shaved in support of Cops4Cancer.

This guy "snooze" was calling me every 10 minutes this morning. Desperate much?

I just replaced the can of air freshener in the office bathroom with an air horn. . . and now we wait.

Oh dear. After a early rush, it appears submissions to @CaringBtL have slowed considerably - have any great #LdnOnt shots?

First blog post on the *very* rudimentary LTC Bus People site --> FAQ #1: Who Runs Public Transit? http://ltcbuspeople.com/faq1-whorunspublictransit/ #ldnont

live like yo momma's watching.

askON is open today & we're online right now! Chat with Library staff from #Fanshawe & other Ontario colleges http://ow.ly/izZuY

So many polite #Fanshawe students holding doors for me. I'll call it #courtesy rather than respect for elders.

Cannot wait until I'm in London ahhhh #Fanshawe here I comeeeee

so many god damn beautiful girls walking around fanshawe today, i literally fall in love 50xs a day

As my grannie would say, I'm a shiny new number today

May just be the happiest kid right now. There's still a chance. #hope #fanshawe

I'm bored. Let's make some nobody famous and then destroy them.