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The Shopping Bag: Spring is pastel season

Credit: Hai Ha Nguyen

Hai Ha Nguyen | Interrobang | Lifestyles | March 18th, 2013

With the weather warming up, we can't help but to introduce a fresh and light new colour palette into our spring wardrobe.

Pastel green, pink and beige are great for transitioning into the spring season because of the light and airiness of the colours. These colours are flattering on everyone; you just have to pick which colour you like and complement your style. Tops, pants, jackets and, more than ever, accessories are coming in fresh pastels.

If you like wearing neutrals because of the versatility, the best way to try this trend is by wearing pastel accessories to get familiar with the palette.

This white bustier style slightly cropped top and high-waisted beige loose shorts are a great base to layer pastels on top. A mint-green scarf is a great way to instantly add some colour into the outfit. Contrast the scarf with some pastel pink beaded bracelets and square-studded bracelet, pink earrings and a floral ring of all the colours. The rounded hipster glasses from the '60s have been in style for a couple of years now, but this season, they're redone in pastel frames to freshen up the iconic shape. To bring together all the neutrals and pastels in the outfit, the multicoloured side bag is the perfect addition. It has a unique gold hardware closure with different coloured bands framing the shape of the bag.

1. Bustier Top and High- Waisted Shorts: These are awesome basics for spring as they are easy to wear and mix and match. The top fits comfortably and has nice shaping, so it's great to wear with even a full skirt to contrast the silhouette. (Top: Dynamite, $14; Shorts: Urban Planet $10)

2. Mint-Green Scarf: A thin scarf with a strip of green lace for contrast. The two different textures look great together when the scarf is wrapped around the neck. (Aldo Accessories, $15)

3. Pastel Pink Accessories: The light pink colour of these accessories complement the green scarf without being too matchy-matchy. (All from Aldo Accessories: Bracelets: Studded, $15; Beaded, $15; Earrings, $12; Ring, $12; Sunglasses, $12)

4. Multicoloured Side Bag: A sophisticated square side bag with unique hardware and different coloured bands to frame the shape of the bag give it a fresh new look. It's the perfect balance of neutrals and pastels. (Aldo Accessories, $45)

Pastels are beautiful colours to wear in the beginning of the spring season because they can be coordinated easily with winter pieces while still adding a sense of playfulness to the ensemble. It sets a light, refreshing and airy tone to your outfit, reflecting the atmosphere of spring!

Hai Ha Nguyen is a Fashion Design student who loves to discover the new trends in street fashion. Follow her on Instagram at for the trendiest pieces this season! If you have a suggestion or feedback for her column, send her an email at
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