Reel Views: Top 10 environmental movies

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Environmentalism is a growing phenomenon in our society. Advertising marketing, books, television, movies and more have become focused on environmentally friendly living. If you're looking for a greener movie-watching experience, here are the top 10 movies about the environment.

10. Wall-E
This 2008 Disney animated film explores what life would be like in the distant future if garbage covered the world. Humans live in spaceships and have virtually no reason to move a muscle because of all the electronic aids they possess. Meanwhile, a lonely waste disposal robot, Wall-E, is stuck back on Earth cleaning up the colossal mess.

9. The Day After Tomorrow
What if global warming happened suddenly and the environment turned violent and ruthless against humanity? A group of students must find a way to survive the extreme weather, including a deadly flash freeze in New York City, and stop climate change before it can do any more damage to the planet.

8. Soylent Green
This futuristic dystopian flick tells the story of a cop in future New York City, where the planet is overpopulated and the food supply is running dangerously low.

7. The Lorax (1972)
This animated made-for-television film brings to life the entertaining yet chilling book from beloved children's author Dr. Seuss. The Lorax speaks for the trees and warns of the dangers of destroying the environment, and yet his advice goes unheeded.

6. March of the Penguins
Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary film showcases the hard life of Emperor Penguins in the ice deserts of Antarctica. The penguins must struggle nearly every day of their lives to survive the harsh environment.

5. Baraka
A wordless documentary exploring various locales around the world in quick shots that are set to the background of beautiful music.

4. Into The Wild
The true story of Chris McCandless, a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp, who abandons all the worldly possessions his wealthy upbringing has afforded him and heads for Alaska. Along his journey, which he completes largely by hitchhiking, he meets people who strongly impact his short but intense life.

3. Planet Earth
This 11-episode documentary series exposes the deepest corners of Earth; from ecosystems to animal life to the planet as a whole, this intricately detailed series is an in-depth look at the planet we call home.

2. An Inconvenient Truth
This documentary film showcases the campaign led by Al Gore to bring the issues of global warming, climate change and environmentalism to the forefront of American minds.

1. Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest
This feature-length animated film tells the story of the fairy inhabitants of Fern Gully, the world's last surviving rainforest. When a fairy accidentally shrinks down a logger to her own size, he realizes that he must help them stop the evil Hexxus from destroying the forest.
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