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Back in India, dogs were always considered to be scary animals that always bite without any reason, and cats are not considered as a good omen. I still remember how my dad used to tell me to stay away from dogs and to be careful of them. If a dog even looked at me, I would start chanting the names of all the Indian gods. I never had a feeling for them in my heart. But now that's changed.

When I came here, I was hit by culture shock. How can the people of Canada love dogs and cats so much? Don't dogs bite you? Aren't the nails of cat too sharp?

When I saw the internship position at the Co-operative for Companion Animals, I felt I could never do it, that it was impossible. But I took it as a challenge and sent my resume to them. And my luck favoured, I was selected.

The internship was great until I learned that on February 10 I would have to actually meet the dogs and cats. It was not a pleasant thing to hear. My teacher, Jackie Westelaken, said how excited she was about adoptee day happening at Citi Plaza organized by the Co-operative for Companion Animals, but I couldn't even pretend to be excited.

But all my fear went away when I entered Citi Plaza and saw those little cute kittens trying to escape from their cages. That cage was definitely not the place for them — they needed foster homes. The little kittens were so eager to play outside and jump around.

I admired the beauty of the bigger cats. I still remember a white, spotless cat as beautiful as snow. A striking thing I learned about the big cats was they have three important things in life: eat, sleep and poo. I wish I could also do the same things in my life, just these three and no more.

When I held the cute little puppies in my hands, I felt they were so innocent. They didn't even fuss, though I know I was not holding them in a comfortable position. I wish I could take all the animals home and play with them all day.

I wish that I could take all the animals at the booth being set up at Fanshawe College on April 23 by the Co-operative for Companion Animals to spread awareness about these adorable little creatures. The Co-operative for Companion Animals has changed my thoughts and I thank them for it.

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